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Education Week Live Stream Events

Date Time Speaker Event/Class Description
7/30/15 9 AM MDT  Jane Clayson Johnson Opening Ceremony -
7/30/15 2:20 PM MDT President Clark Gilbert Devotional -
7/30/15 6:20 PM MDT Matthew Fackrell Finding Happiness Even in a Stressful Life The physiology behind stress and what it can do to our bodies. What can be done to help--using modern medicine and the gospel.
7/31/15 9 AM MDT Kelly Gibson Leveraging Technology to Share the Gospel Your witness of the restored gospel can literally reach millions of people. Your experiences of faith can strengthen people you have never met. Based on stories from the Book of Mormon Facebook page -- explore how technology can be leveraged to share the gospel.
7/31/15 2:20 PM MDT Steve Davis Devotional -
7/31/15 6:20 PM MDT Michelle Baer Have Courage and Be Kind: Standing for Christ in the Last Days (youth) Lecture with Music: Our world is in great commotion. Recently our prophets have counseled us that greater trials are ahead. Keys that will help prepare and strengthen you to stand as a "Disciple of Christ" during the days preceding His Second Coming.
8/1/15 9 AM MDT Daris Howard The Beauty of the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation The Atonement is for all people. Designed to help you more fully understand and use the power of the Atonement filled with humor and ideas to touch each heart.
8/1/15 2:20 PM MDT Brad Wilcox Devotional -