Move-In Guide

It is recommended that you bring the following items when you move in.

Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen School Supplies Misc
Alarm clock Soap and other toiletries Paper towels Backpack Laundry basket
Hangers Small bedroom and bathroom trashcans Microwave safe dishes Scriptures Iron
Desk lamp and light bulbs Toilet paper Trash bags Pencils, pens Laundry soap
Desk fan Towels Pots, pans Books Fabric softener
Bedding (extra long twin sheets) Washcloths Measuring spoons etc. Bleach
Power strip Shower tote Plastic food storage Stain remover
Removable wall hooks, sticky tac Shower curtains Cleaning supplies (rags, etc.) Weather appropriate clothing
Decorations Flashlight
Wall charger (phone, laptop etc.) Personal items (over the counter medications, pain relievers

 *Often forgotten - baking items, salt / pepper, butter, ice trays, sandwich bags, water bottle, clothes drying rack, tote storage, air freshener, toilet bowl brush, bucket / mop, cotton balls, cotton swabs, dishwashing detergent, silverware divider, loofa, printer, speakers / mp3 doc, TV / DVD player, HDMI cables, small table

Frequently Asked Questions