Helpful Hints for Event Planning at BYU-Idaho

Planning an event? Follow these steps in order to hold a successful event for your organization.

Step 1: Reserve a room or space with the Scheduling Office.

Step 2: While making the reservation, tell the Scheduling Office what equipment you'll need.

Step 3: If you have any questions or need to add equipment to your reservation, call A/V services at (208) 496-3150 or -3191.

Step 4: Coordinate any further planning with your event coordinator. If you have a question who your coordinator is, please call (208) 496-3156.

Randy Parkinson Event Coordinator over Ecclesiastical and Center Stage
Lloyd Bigelow Event Coordinator over Campus Education
Vince Jenkins Event Coordinator over Activities and Wellness

Step 5: Hold your event, and follow up with your coordinator to report how it went. This will help us with future event planning.