Talking Points


Introduce the student to Student Ambassador program.

Verify that they have access to the New Student Checklist at .

Invite them to participte in Get Connected and Move-in on Move-in Day! Get Connected

Join the BYU-Idaho entering class of Spring 2015 at

Academic Discovery Center

(See 'Registration Preparation')

AP Credit

(See 'Registration Preparation')

Campus Life

See if the student is bringing a car to campus. If so explain parking limitations and refer them to for on-campus parking permits and city street permits.

Explain Enterprise CarShare to student coming to BYUI without a car. Refer them to

Explain Dining Options on campus. Refer students to

Train them on the Laptop initiative. Refer them to


(See 'Campus Life')


(See 'University Store')

Concurrent Enrollment Credits

(See 'Registration Preparation')

Dining Dollars

(See 'Campus Life')


(See 'Paying for College')


(See 'Paying for College')

Financial Aid

(See 'Paying for College')

Get Connected

Invite them to make travel arrangement to participate in Get Connected. Encourage them to be here and move-in on move-in day. Move-in Day is Friday, April 17th, 2015 and Get Connected is April 17th & 18th.

For a full schedule of events see

Health Center

(See 'Insurance')


Explanation of Approved Housing

Explain the official Move-in day is on Friday, April 17th, 2015 – they can move in at 8:00 a.m. - see Move-in day activities at


Inform them that all students must have insurance and are automatically enrolled in the BYU-Idaho insurance plan. If they want to waive their BYUI insurance, they need to submit an insurance waiver. Refer students to .

Laptop Initiative

(See 'Campus Life')

Move-In Day

(See 'Housing')

How to find their page and how to log on.

Teach them how to access their email and explain email is the official communication method at BYUI and they should access it at least weekly.

Explain that the first time they open they will be prompted to take a TB screening survey.

Explain they will be receiving New Student Updates from Student Support with helpful information for new students.

New Student Updates

(See '')

Parking Permit

(See 'Campus Life')

Paying for College

Invite them to create a financial plan on how they will pay for college. For projected expenses, see - look under the Admissions and Financial Policies section for Tuition, Fees and Expenses.

American Express, Discover, VISA and MasterCard are accepted with a 2.7% service charge (subject to change).

Invite them to visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship website at

If needed, explain the difference between financial aid and scholarships.

Explain there are scholarships they are automatically considered for as a student of the University, but there are others they will need to apply for.

See for deadlines.

Spring 2015 deadlines

Invite them to explore their employment options on an off campus at

Remind them that if they plan to work in Rexburg, they will need to bring the proper documentation. See

Paying Tuition

Inform the new students that they can pay their tuition before they arrive on campus. For payment methods see


DEADLINES – payment is due 10 days before classes begin. You have one week after the first day of school to make changes in your classes. The payment deadline is 7 days after school starts. There is a 5% late fee assessed to your tuition after the 10 days. See

Inform them that American Express, VISA, Discover and MasterCard are accepted with a 2.7% service charge (subject to change). Credit card payments can only be paid online through – see the financial tab.

Registration Preparation & Registration

Check the Registration dates at

Invite them to visit Preparing for Registration and Registration FAQ at

If they have AP or concurrent enrollment credits have them contact Student Records and registration at or by calling 208-496-1000. Information about transfer records and registration can be found at and click on the transfer evaluation button.

If they are a transfer student refer them to Academic Discovery Center to determine the classes they will need to take at to talk with an advisor or contact them at 208-496-9800.

If they ARE NOT a transfer student or have AP or concurrent enrollment credits, help them access their grad plan at They will need to know their netID and password.

Teach them how to determine the classes they need to register for by referring them to the Academic Discovery Center at

Invite them to contact the academic discovery center if they have questions at 208-496-9800 or

Inform them that registration begins at 6:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST) on their appointed day.


(See 'Paying for College')


(See 'University Store')


(See 'Visit Day')


(See 'Paying for College')

University Store

Train students on the University Store and textbooks.

Teach them they can buy/reserve their books prior to arriving at campus. Books will be charged to their student account and cannot be paid for by VISA.

Explain that textbooks can be purchased or rented.

Explain they can purchase approved exercise clothing at the bookstore. Approved cloting is required to use the Hart and I-Center facilities

Refer them to the University Stores website at

Visit Day

Explain a Visit Day is a personalized tour of campus. They can sign up for a visit day at


(See 'Campus Life')