New Student

Applicants interested in enrolling at BYU-Idaho may apply at The ecclesiastical endorsement portion of the new student admission application is found at Note: The applicant's portion of the endorsement must be submitted before their ecclesiastical leader will be able to submit the endorsement.

Continuing Student

The Continuing Ecclesiastical Endorsement process requires all current students to complete a continuing endorsement each year during the first semester of their assigned track while at BYU-Idaho.

Assigned TrackSemester to Complete Continuing Endorsement
Fall/Winter Fall Semester
Winter/Spring Winter Semester
Spring/Fall Spring Semester
Online Semester first enrolled

At the beginning of each semester, the university notifies students who need to complete a continuing endorsement, placing a hold on their registration account until the endorsement is completed.

Click here to complete the online Continuing Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Once students complete the online portion of the continuing endorsement, they are eligible for an endorsement interview with their campus bishop. The purpose of this meeting is to foster communication between students and ecclesiastical leaders. It provides bishops an opportunity to review each student’s understanding and commitment of the Honor Code. After a successful interview, the bishop may approve his portion of the online endorsement which will release the hold on the student’s registration account.