Dress & Grooming


As students and employees we agree to live by standards of being neat, clean and modest in our dress and appearance as defined by living prophets.


By living the dress and grooming standards consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ we show modesty, obedience, self-respect and create a wholesome and professional environment. We also invite virtue, respect and the presence of the Holy Ghost.

BYU-Idaho standards Related to Dress & Grooming

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Elder Robert D. Hales

Elder Robert D. Hales

"Clothing ourselves with modest dress and modest actions—mercy, kindness, humility, patience, and charity—will invite the companionship of the Spirit and will positively affect those around us"

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President Gordon B. Hinckley

Image of President Gordon B. Hinckley"Be clean and neat and orderly. Sloppy dress leads to sloppy manners."

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