People's experiences at the Ropes Course

October 24, 2011
Writer: missing value


An english class from BYU-Idaho attended the Ropes Course. Here are some thoughts that they had after attending.


  • There were sections of the course that were easier and others that were more difficult.  At a particular part of the course, I thought of quitting because I was too scared to continue, but I kept going.  As soon as I got to the top, I felt a rush of accomplishment.
  • Some of us were better at some things - some were best at climbing, others weren't even scared of the swing, and some of us were best at supporting and cheering others.
  • Sometimes others can give you advice from a position that you may not see. They have an overall view, whereas, you can only see bits and pieces. You may be too close to see the whole picture.
  • We can take credit for our success and we need to take responsibility for our failure.
  • Sometimes when we let go of the ropes and take a chance, we find it is more fun than we anticipated.
  • Those who try but don't success still have something to be proud of.
  • We need to encourage ourselves as much as we need encouragement from others.
  • We need experiences to get us up and moving, to get us out of our comfort spots, to grow and stretch and increase our capacities.
  • If you choose to be negative and complain about your challenges, your obstacles will conquer and weaken you. If you choose to be positive and make the best out of your situation, you will overcome that obstacle as a better person.


Some important principles that they said they learned were:


Positive Reinforcement

Fear is the opposite of Faith


Face your fears head-on

Don't give in to peer pressure or temptation

Unity and lifting up the weak

Self-esteem and encouragement

Whether you're looking for a positive group activity or just a fun time with friends, you too can have a great experience at the ropes course.  Schedule a time to come and visit us today!