Campus Scheduling and Pricing

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All groups require a reservation to use the ropes course. To schedule the Ropes Course, click here.

Minimum schedule time is 2 hours, with the exception of academic classes. The minimum group size is 8 individuals. 

All participants must read and sign the Assumption of Risk, Release, and Indemnity Agreement.  Minors must have the form read and signed by their parents as well. Download the form here.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Academic Classes Fees:

  • $30/class- up to 36 people
  • $40/class- over 36 people

Campus Group Rates:

Groups Size Cost/Person/2hr Session
8-12 $6.50
13-18 $6.25
19-24 $6.00
25-30 $5.75
30+ $5.50

$2.50/person for each additional hour up to $18/person for a full day.

All billing takes place after the event and is figured at the number of people who actually came. Charges will be made to university accounts or the I number of the person scheduling the event. The ropes course staff does not accept payment for services rendered.

Cancellations must take place a minimum of 2 hours before your event time. Groups who do not do this will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Any group who does not show for their scheduled time will also be charged a $25 no show fee.