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"Create deeply significant leadership, learning, & recreational experience through partnerships with campus organizations and academic departments."

Brief History

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Brief History

The BYU-Idaho Outdoor Learning Center has provided deeply significant experiences for the University and community since 1979. This facility has been dedicated President Bruce C. Hafen and President David A. Bednar to be a place of spiritual growth and learning for all those who experience the spirit of Badger Creek. Located at Badger Creek in the base of the Teton Valley, the Outdoor Learning Center is an outdoor, hands-on learning laboratory....

Brief History

Semester @ Badger

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Semester @ Badger

The Purpose

Semester @ Badger is a partnership between the Health, Recreation, and Human Performance Department, and the Outdoor Learning Center.  The program is designed to create deeply significant leadership, learning, and recreational experiences for students whose area of focus (including minors and clusters) is recreation management and recreation therapy.  This program is only available during the winter semester....

Semester @ Badger

Please download the application below.  Complete the form, save it to your computer, then email to  Applications are due October 20, 2017 for Winter 2018.  To fill out application, please click 

Program Summary:

  • Unique Learning Experience: In-Class Instruction/Experiential Labs in the Field (16 Credits)
    • Facilities Management (X-Country Skiing, Sled Hill/Tow Rope, Ropes/Initiatives)
    • Risk Management - Ropes Course/Initiative Activities Facilitation
    • Program Management - Study and work with various types of programs and settings
    • Experiential Education - Work with University and community groups at the OLC
    • Cross Country Skiing
    • Winter Camping
  • Live on site at BYU-Idaho Outdoor Learning Center for the semester
  • Earn Pre-Internship hours
  • Part-time employment as part of semester 15-20 hours

The Cost

Total Program Cost = $290 + tuition & fees

  • Activity Fee - $45
  • Staff Coat & Pants - $200
  • Travel Fee - $45

When do I need to Pay?

  • Deposit towards Semester @ Badger Creek Fees.  $100 - Paid at Registration. Non-refundable
  • Remainder of Semester @ Badger Creek Fees - $190 Due January 5, 2017
  • BYU-Idaho Tuition - Standard Semester Tuition Costs - See Academic Tuition Deadlines

Semester @ Badger Creek Termination Policy:

Those who withdraw from Semester at Badger Creek after it has started will be assessed a $100 termination fee, plus 2% per calendar day while enrolled in the program.  Termination date will be established when written notification is received from the student. Email or send to the physical address: ATTN: Badger Creek, 525 S Center St, MC101, Rexburg, ID, 83460-0710.  Upon receipt of written refund, outstanding balances and/or damages will be determined and deducted from any refund.  If the balance due is higher than the refund, the balance will be billed to the student or added to the student's BYU-Idaho account.  Any money due to the student will be processed and mailed within 30 days of written notification.

Tuition refunds will follow BYU-Idaho financial procedures and deadlines as outlined in the current BYU-Idaho Catalog, accessible at
Semester at Badger Creek Dismissal Policy:  Students dismissed after the program begins will forfeit all fees.

Example of Class/Work Schedule

For a Tentative Schedule Click Here

Living on Site

The semester @ Badger is housed at the BYU-I Outdoor Learning Center (OLC) at Badger Creek. The OLC is located in Tetonia, ID. This is a unique extension of campus and is a wonderful place to learn and enjoy.

The OLC lodge is the facility used to house Semester @ Badger participants. The lodge consists of 1) a professional kitchen where both personal and programmatic meals are prepared (you will be responsible to provide your own meals. Utensils, cookware, and dining dishes are provided). 2) a common area where you can gather to socialize or do homework. 3) Bunk bed rooms above the common area with limited storage and closet space. 4) Bathrooms and a laundry room.
The OLC facilities are designed to be rustic. They have been modernized to accommodate extended stays without changing the rustic purpose: electric lighting, heating in the cabins, computers and internet connections in the classrooms, etc.

You are expected to adhere to your BYU-Idaho commitments both at the OLC and on campus, including the Honor Code and Dress and Grooming Standards. Please review these at  
Living in close proximity to the same people can be a great blessing and a challenge.  You are expected to treat each other with respect and dignity.  Deciding now to serve and help your group and to follow your group coordinator will help make Semester at Badger Creek a great experience. The Semester at Badger Creek program is based on the theory of experiential education and includes meeting a variety of people.  Please refrain from dating, pairing off, and engaging in public displays of affection. You are expected to do your part in keeping the common areas clean, and in meal preparation and cleanup.  You will be assigned to a work committee.

Receiving Mail and Packages:  
You will be able to receive postal mail at the OLC using the following address:   Your Name, BYU-Idaho Semester @ Badger Program, 1710 W 10,000 N, Tetonia, ID, 83452.  Please remember to let friends and family know when you leave the program so that they can contact you at your campus address. Telephones at the OLC are in limited number and for local service only.  Please plan to bring a cell phone for your long distance calls. Due to the remote location, however, you may have difficulty obtaining a clear signal in some areas.

Semester @ Badger Creek participants attend Young Single Adult meetings in Driggs, Idaho.  Sacrament Meeting currently begins at 10:00am.

You are welcome to bring your own vehicle to the OLC for the semester. Carpooling is available at the beginning and end of the semester.

We strongly recommend you visit with your physician prior to Semester @ Badger begins to insure you are healthy and able to participate in program activities. A Medical History Form and Assumption of Risk Form are included at the time of acceptance into the program. Remember to be thorough and legible as the forms will provide information to the medical treatment staff and facility in case of illness or emergency, as well as permission for treatment.  A parent's signature is required for students under age 18.  

Due to the remote nature of the OLC and program field trips, we recommend you bring two different sets of any prescriptions or inhalers, bee sting kits, Benadryl, dietary supplements, and so forth.  Please be aware that wilderness expeditions are a distance from hospitals and doctors, and transportation to modern medical care is uncertain and may be delayed.

For a List of Items to bring click here

What We Do

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What We Do

Take our dedicated ranch, 5 main ropes courses, the principle based learning activities, campsites, cabins, and lodge and use those to create experiences that you can take with you for a lifetime. We serve to create partnerships with academic departments and campus organizations, meaning that our certified staff and the group leaders will coordinate a learning experience focused on the principles chosen by the group while adventuring through our ropes courses and activities. Campus Groups from Brigham Young University-Idaho can also come up year-round to have their deeply significant experience. Bring your family home evening groups, ward groups, or sports team to come up and grow closer together and have an experience that won't be forgotten....

What We Do

"Create deeply significant leadership, learning, & recreational experience through partnerships with campus organizations and academic departments."