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A Distinctive Approach to Online Learning

At BYU-Idaho we have a distinctive approach to learning online. Our vision is to foster faith-building and life-changing learning. Our commitment to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ motivates us to learn and teach by study and by faith.

Family History Courses, Certificate, and Degree

BYU-Idaho has partnered with the Family History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to offer, family history courses, a certificate, and a applied assoicate's degree.

Distinctive Course Characteristics

BYU-Idaho's online courses have been designed to not only offer flexibility, but also provide students with a learning experience similar to what campus students encounter in the classroom. Within each of the courses, students are taught by qualified and trained instructors, follow a semester-based calendar, interact with one another, and submit coursework weekly. In addition, BYU-Idaho online courses are designed to incorporate gospel principles, which will help students gain additional understanding.

  • Fully incorporate the three principles of the BYU-Idaho Learning Model - Prepare, Teach One Another, and Ponder/Prove
  • Taught by qualified and trained instructors
  • Incorporate interactive assignments through the use of discussion boards, online group work, and other resources
  • Follow a semester-based calendar with weekly submission of coursework
  • Provide students with a learning experience similar to what campus students encounter in the classroom
  • Incorporate gospel principles, which help students gain additional understanding
  • Provide rich learning experiences that provide opportunities for students to act, rather than be acted upon

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