November 11, 2010
Writer: Writer: Colby Flint

Brigham Young University-Idaho has contacted more than 73,000 alumni through e-mail, social media, and other means since September as part of its new Alumni Discovery Project.

BYU-Idaho Alumni launched the project with two objectives: to discover the whereabouts and current employment of former students, and to recruit at least 10 percent of its 165,000 alumni to join the BYU-Idaho Mentoring Network, established in April.

The Mentoring Network is a group of current students, alumni, and friends of the university who provide career, academic, and personal advice to each other, as well as other support. The group is facilitated through BYU-Idaho Alumni's new Web site,, which provides an online directory, access to subgroups of alumni, and other resources.

"People often say in passing, ‘let me know if there is anything I can do to help,'" said Craig Cobia, Alumni Council president. "Well, BYUI Connect is providing an opportunity for those who have associated with BYU-Idaho to help in a significant way, simply by putting their name out there. Who knows what ripples may come from that?"

Since the Alumni Discovery Project started, the number of BYU-Idaho mentors has more than doubled, rising from 947 to 2,500 in two months. Also, more than 3,100 alumni have updated their information.

"There is an immediate friendship, kinship, and trust between BYU-Idaho students and alumni because we've shared some of the same experiences," Cobia said. "This project now provides a great, new opportunity to use that kinship and trust to bless each other's lives."