Idaho Supreme Court to hear cases at BYU-Idaho

October 30, 2012

Writer: Spencer Allen

The Idaho Supreme Court will hear two cases on the Brigham Young University-Idaho campus in Rexburg on Thursday, November 8. The event will give students, employees, faculty, and members of the community an opportunity to see first hand how the appellate courts operate.

On the north end of campus, the Eliza R. Snow Building's Drama Theater will be transformed into a courtroom. It will be complete with all five Supreme Court justices, two attorneys, police officers, the Clerk of the Court, and the Court's official seal on the wall. The cases will be heard at 10 and 11:10 a.m.

"We hope that those who come to watch the cases will gain an appreciation for the integrity of the system," said Steve Kenyon, Clerk of the Courts. "The Supreme Court justices take their jobs seriously and know that they are the guardians of judicial credibility. The average case has over 500 pages of material that needs to be completely internalized by both parties arguing the cases."

The Idaho Supreme Court has traveled to various sites in Idaho to hold court cases since 1890. The justices last visited Rexburg in September 2008.