October 5, 2010
Writer: Writer: Kailee Jensen

Out of more than 100 applicants from 900 member universities, junior Kyle Slaughter was recently chosen to sit on a 25-member student board of directors (SBOD) for Sodexo, the leading provider of integrated food and facilities management in the country.

Sodexo, which chooses only 12 new SBOD members every year, was impressed with Slaughter's love for people and understanding of how individuals perceive the world, said Dan Dunne, senior marketing di

rector from Sodexo. "Kyle caught our interest. We look for this insight and understanding of human capacity and need."

Slaughter's prime responsibility includes creating promotional programs to assist dining experiences in partner universities for the upcoming year. Surveys and focus groups with students at BYU-Idaho will help Slaughter indicate what alterations are needed to enhance campus dining nationwide. National SBOD members will travel around the country, consolidating information and collaborating ideas on what promotional programs will actually be sent to various schools.

"I'm excited about this new position and the chance to represent BYU-Idaho. There are tons of students here who could be successful when given the opportunity. I hope to open the way for other students to be a part of this as well," Slaughter said.

Not only is Slaughter utilizing his skills to benefit Sodexo, he has also been instrumental in creating a student board of directors at BYU-Idaho. "It will be a group of 15 students who will act as liaison between Food Services and the student body to make sure the needs of both are met," said Slaughter, who will serve as the chairman. This new board, which met for the first time Sept. 28, is now focusing on its first goal: ensuring student satisfaction with a new convenience store to open in January.