September 21, 2011
Writer: Writer: Andy Cargal

Statistics released for Fall Semester 2011 show a total enrollment of 15,102 students, nearly a thousand more than last fall and the highest enrollment figures to date.

According to data from the BYU-Idaho Student Records and Registration Office, the number of full-time equivalent students has increased by 5.3 percent to 13,368, and students are taking an average of 13.3 credit hours. In addition, 3,008 students are enrolled in non day-school programs (including online degrees, Pathway, continuing education, and high school concurrent enrollment). These increases are consistent with the university's enrollment expansion announced last year.

This semester the student body consists of 4,949 freshmen, 3,269 sophomores, 3,708 juniors and 3,072 seniors. There are 3,766 married students, comprising 25 percent of the student body. There are 6,649 male students (44 percent) and 8,453 female students (56 percent). The university has 433 international students, representing 59 countries.