July 13, 2010
Writer: Writer: Andy Cargal

Gary I. Baird, a biology instructor at Brigham Young University-Idaho, invited students to "follow the gospel path" in a devotional address given today at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

"In this life, it is the decisions we make, the ideas we embrace, the attitudes we uphold, and what we choose to do each day that will in the end define our success of in this mortal sojourn," Baird said. "Life truly is a journey, a pathway that each of us must walk. You only get one shot at it, so be cautious in how you spend your time in this life."

Baird explained the importance of preparation by telling a personal story of a hiking trip he went on with two friends. Due to carelessness and a lack of participation, the group experienced trials along the way.

From this experience, Baird derived five lessons. First, he learned life is a journey, and following the gospel path without deviation is necessary to return to Heavenly Father. Second, it is essential to make good choices each day, so as to not become disoriented and lost. Third, those who wish to have success in life's journey must give up their burdens and take up the burden of Christ. Fourth, they must be willing to get help from those who can assist them the most and be willing to give assistance to those who need their help. Lastly, students should find joy in the journey and recognize God's love for them.

Baird concluded his remarks with words of commendation and encouragement. "My dear brothers and sisters, I express unto you the love I feel for each of you and commend you for the righteous choices you have and continue to make. You are the ‘Hope of Israel, Zion's army, Children of the promised day.'"