June 3, 2010
Writer: Writer: Shally Clark

Brigham Young University-Idaho has unveiled a new online radio station, bringing the university to a worldwide audience through podcasts and a live stream.

BYU-Idaho Radio is hosted solely online at www.byui.edu/radio, giving people around the world an opportunity to feel and understand the "BYU-Idaho experience." "This new radio station has been established to reflect the mission of BYU-Idaho and represent university life to people across the world. We hope the station will convey to many people a sense of what our students experience," said Jim Clark, BYU-Idaho Radio Services manager.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the new station is the voice you will hear behind the programs. Students have been given the responsibility to not only assist with the station, but completely take control of it. With some mentoring from a few full-time employees, students create, produce, and execute all of the station's programming. "I don't know of another university that gives students the experience of building a radio station from the ground up," said Jess Cannon, student station manager. "We don't just have to stand back and watch others run the day-to-day operations-we get to do it ourselves. It's a great learning opportunity."

The students create and coordinate a variety of programs such as BYU-Idaho News, Devotionals, Forums & Speeches, and Music & the Spoken Word. The station will also feature exclusive content, such as student and employee profiles and alumni success stories, intended to give listeners greater insights into the BYU-Idaho experience. Listeners can tune-in to a live stream that runs in three-hour segments or can listen on-demand to one-time downloads. Additionally, individuals or can subscribe to podcasts, making it easy to stay connected to favorite programming.

As the BYU-Idaho Radio station advances, more programs will be available that focus on students' experiences. BYU-Idaho has two additional radio stations, KBYI 100.5 FM, which reaches Idaho, Montana, and Utah; and KBYR 91.5 FM, which reaches Southeastern Idaho. For more information, visit www.byuidahoradio.org.