May 18, 2010
Writer: Writer: Ryan Kunz

Kendall Peck, dean of the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering, taught four principles to help students prepare for future callings and opportunities during today's devotional at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

"We seldom anticipate, when we are young, the Church assignments that we will be asked to fulfill," Peck said. "The key to accomplishing what God would have you do in this life is to begin to prepare now, not with an attitude of aspiring to great heights in the Kingdom, but with the spirit of being ready to be an instrument in his hands regardless of what it is that He asks of you."

The first principle Peck taught was to pray frequently and fervently. He encouraged students to engage in prayer every morning and night. "You can be perfect in doing this one thing. If you are, I am confident you will receive great blessings because of it," he said.
Next, Peck emphasized scripture study. "To be effective servants of our Father in Heaven, we need the knowledge that studying the scriptures provides," he said.

Peck invited students to repent regularly, saying, "The Lord has blessings in store for us that we will only be worthy to receive if we repent of our sins, both large and small." He urged students not to let past transgressions interfere with service opportunities from their Father in Heaven.

The last principle Peck delivered was the importance of developing charity. "Without charity, you will fall short of fulfilling your mission in life," he said, adding, "The Lord will expect charity in us. As we more fully develop this virtue, He will give us opportunities to serve more fully and to emulate charity in our service."

Peck closed with an admonition to begin preparing for future service: "Now is the time to prepare to serve your Father in Heaven. I don't believe there is a better place or time than here and now to focus on this preparation."