May 5, 2010
Writer: Writer: Tori Bowman

Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander, emeritus member of the First Quorum of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, urged students to set their destinations and begin their journeys during Tuesday's devotional at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

"Lofty destinations that are of lasting worth to you are composed of intensely personal dreams, aspirations, and ideas that demand the very best in you to reach them," Neuenschwander said. "The destinations you set for yourself must inflame your imagination and bring passion to your life. They must be worthy of the sacrifices that you surely will make for them."

No matter which paths we choose, each will come with a cost; each will require commitment and personal discipline, Neuenschwander counseled. "Great destinations are not achieved in a single day or by a ‘sudden flight,' but by the accomplishment of numerous smaller or interim goals all along the way," said Neuenschwander. The setting and accomplishment of goals, he explained, will lead students little by little to their destinations.

Neuenschwander urged students to embrace their unique gifts. "Don't waste your time trying to act, speak, or dress like someone else. Your time is better spent focusing and developing your own unique abilities and talents given by a loving Heavenly Father. This takes courage. It also takes a willingness to try many things and to fail at some. It takes introspection and education. But in the end, it is those who have discovered their own uniqueness and who have developed it, who make lasting contributions to the goodness of the world."

Neuenschwander concluded by telling students to learn to enjoy the journey. "I say ‘learn' because not all of us naturally enjoy a difficult road. Our inclination is often to make things easier. Journeys, by their very nature, are not always short, easy, or pleasant. This is particularly true if they lead to a Promised Land."