March 16, 2010
Writer: Writer: Colby Flint

Steven D. Bennion, former president of Brigham Young University-Idaho, taught listeners how to understand and fulfill their divine identity, during today's devotional.

"Knowing our divine identity is indeed important," he said. "To know both your mortal and spiritual roots certainly can make a profound difference in your life."
After teaching that all people on earth are children of God, Bennion explained how that knowledge changes lives.

"Following your short season of study here, you will go to places all over the United States and the world to work, to raise a family or perhaps undertake even more study," he said. "Your identity as a child of God goes with you, no matter where you go."

Bennion outlined three major steps to reinforce and fulfill that divine identity: first, love and pursue inspired learning; second, willingly serve others; and third, happily obey the Lord's commandments.

Closing his address, Bennion told listeners that as they follow those three pieces of advice, they will nurture and reinforce their identity as children of God. "Your identity, which is ‘everlasting and divine,' makes all the difference in enabling you to fulfill your divine nature-in how you live now and what you can become."