March 7, 2011
Writer: Writer: Andy Cargal

The music and news Southeast Idaho has come to love on KBYI 100.5 FM will have a new home beginning March 21.

At the request of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Brigham Young University-Idaho is working with Sandhill Media Corporation to switch frequencies. KBYI will move to 94.3 while Sandhill takes 100.5.

KBYI listeners will continue to enjoy their favorite content, including classical music, NPR news, BYU-Idaho devotionals and unique weekend programming, while also tuning in to an expanded variety of news coverage provided by BBC as well as from BYU-Idaho students.

"This move has allowed us to reevaluate each of our stations to see what more we can do to prepare our students for jobs in the industry. We believe our enhancements make the stations stronger than ever and give our students an expanded range of hands-on experiences," said Jim Clark, Radio Services supervisor.

BYU-Idaho owns and operates three radio stations: KBYI 94.3, KBYR 91.5, and BYU-Idaho Radio online. In the past, where full-time employees conducted much of the day-to-day operations of the stations - students will now be at the helm, mentored by seasoned professionals.

Students will produce news during breaks in NPR and BBC programming, at the top of several daytime hours, and will host and report news for the BYU-Idaho Morning Show, immersing them in their educational experiences and providing applicable training for their future careers. These opportunities, along with others in audio production, engineering services, and other duties relevant to the broadcasting industry, are all part of a rich educational practicum offered to students.

BYU-Idaho's radio stations will also undergo a rebranding. All three stations will be named under the inclusive "BYU-Idaho Radio" umbrella, each with its unique tagline:

• 94.3 (KBYI): BYU-Idaho Radio - The Music You Want, the News You Need

• 91.5 (KBYR): BYU-Idaho Radio - Always Inspirational

• Online ( BYU-Idaho Radio-Your Link to Campus