January 5, 2010
Writer: Writer: Mark Beck

Brigham Young University-Idaho President Kim B. Clark urged students to strip themselves of pride at the first devotional of winter semester held today.

"Beware of pride. This is the warning voice of the Lord to us now, in our day," President Clark said. "We have obtained so much control over the resources of the earth, so much understanding of the biology of life, so much capacity to travel and to communicate instantly that we have become ‘puffed up' in our learning and our apparent control and power. Pride and its children-materialism, envy, arrogance, greed, thirst for recognition, and lust for control and dominion-have become rampant in our culture and society. Modern Babylon is awash in pride."

Speaking of the pre-mortal existence, President Clark contrasted the plans of Heavenly Father and Lucifer. President Clark explained how Lucifer's plan was rooted in pride and would not have worked. "There are several things to note about Satan's proposal," President Clark said. "Satan would replace Christ; indeed, there was no need for Christ and no need for an atoning sacrifice at all. There would be no agency. Everyone would be redeemed; no one would be lost. It would surely happen, and Satan would be the sole reason why. Therefore, he should have God's honor and glory. It was and is the Great Lie by the father of lies.... And there, right in the middle of the Great Lie, at the very center of Satan's rebellious, diabolical scheme, was pride."

President Clark also taught that the Book of Mormon contains examples of how pride can destroy lives. "The Book of Mormon is a record of an entire people greatly favored of the Lord who succumbed to the temptations of pride, rejected the Lord, and were destroyed," President Clark said. "The message is clear: Whether in prosperity or adversity, if we are not diligent and faithful, even the elect of God, even those greatly blessed by the Lord, can fall prey to the Great Lie and become hard-hearted, self-absorbed, stiff-necked, and puffed up in their pride."

President Clark concluded his remarks by urging students to strip themselves of pride by following four patterns:

1. Never do anything to drive the Spirit away.
2. Don't let the world get into your heart.
3. Serve the Lord.
4. Stand in holy places.