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Username/Password Questions

I forgot my username/password. How do I retrieve it?

Go to the Change Forgotten Password Page and be prepared to enter in your social security number (or 999 number if you are an international student), Last Name, and Date of Birth. It may take up to an hour for the school systems to recognize the password change, so be patient. It is reccomended that you change your reset password within 24 hours. If you are unable to reset it, please contact the Help Desk, and we can reset your password for you.

I don't have a BYU-Idaho username or password! How do I get one?

  • If you have been accepted into BYU-Idaho, but do not have a username or password yet, check to make sure you responded by visiting the Response Page.
    • When the page loads, enter your CES net ID and password you created when you applied online. Follow the instructions on the next pages.

I just got my username and password, but I cannot log in! It keeps giving me an error.

Generally accounts take a minimum of one hour to activate. We ask you to be patient during this time, as we know there is much to be done. If you have been waiting that long already, please call the Help Desk at (208) 496-9000 for further help.

Password Changing Process:

The Password Lock out policy is if your account have been attempted 10 times it will be locked out for 5 minutes. After that 5 minutes it will be unlocked automatically unless something is still attempting to access your account. That can include email, wireless profiles, mapped drives, or mapped printers. Please keep that in mind as you change passwords. Below is a list of the common places passwords get saved that must be changed.

The first place to change your password is: (Everyone) (from the login screen, link just below and to the right of the Login Button)

After changing password on makes sure you log off the computer and log back on with new password. If this doesn’t happen you could be locked out of your computer and need to hard reboot.


  1. Drive mappings/Network Shares. Manually created drive mappings *might* use the previous password when re-connecting. It is good practice to disconnect all drive mappings before changing the user’s password, then (after re-booting) re-map those resources thus ensuring the use of the new password.
  2. Scheduled Tasks. Though not many end users setup scheduled tasks on their computers, these days more and more end users are using scheduled tasks and each one of the scheduled tasks stores the username and password used for that scheduled tasks. ALL of the user’s scheduled tasks need to be updated with the new password. Otherwise the scheduled tasks will cause the user’s account to get locked out.
  3. Do not put ~ , ? / \ ; in your password. A student was helped and a tilde caused issues with this.
  4. Password Caching Plugins on Browsers. There are many different passwords caching plugin or add-ons in web browsers that could be caching passwords should be changed.

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Brainhoney/MyByui Questions

Can I use Brainhoney on my Smart Phone or Tablet Device?

You can, however, campus does not currently support Brainhoney on these devices. You do so at your own risk. These support options may become available in the future.

I was taking a quiz in Brainhoney, and I lost my connection, and now it won't let me submit my quiz. What should I do?

  1. First of all DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER WINDOW! Open a new tab on your browser and navigate to
  2. Click on the login button.
  3. Login as you normally would.
  4. Once you have logged in, go back to your original tab where your quiz was.
  5. Click submit again. This should submit your quiz answers even if it says it does not.
*DISCLAIMER* This method only works part of the time, however it is the only way to possibly recover your quiz answers.

How do I log off of MyByui?

Depending on your browser, do the following:

  • Firefox – Preferences/Options, Security, Saved Passwords.
  • Internet Explorer – Gear (below close X), Internet Options, Content (Tab), AutoComplete Settings, Delete AutoComplete, Check Passwords, Delete. This will delete all of Internet Explorers saved usernames and passwords.
  • Safari – Preferences, AutoFill, User names and passwords Edit, Remove, Done.

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Email Questions

*NOTE* For more comprehensive email information and tutorials list please visit the Email website.

How do I configure my e-mail to my mobile device?

  • The best configuration for Student email for Apple devices is to use the "Exchange" setting. For help configuring Apple devices for e-mail, please visit the Apple Device E-mail Tutorial.

  • The best configuration for Student email for Android devices is to use the "Exchange" setting. For help configuring e-mail for Android devices for e-mail, please visit the Android Device E-mail Tutorial.

How do I find out what my byui email address is?

Log into and navigate to the "Profile" tab. Your campus email will show up under the "Personal Info" table.

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Wireless Questions

How do I connect to the campus wireless?

How do I configure my computer to print on the school network?

For help configuring your computer for printing on BYU-Idaho's wireless network please visit the Wireless Printing Tutorial.

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Laptop Rentals

How do laptop rentals work?

Laptops rentals will be available to students who can show a need for temporary use, no longer than two semesters. This program is intended for pre-missionaries, visiting students, and students in their last semester at BYU-Idaho. A limited number of new rental laptops will be available for $100 per semester.

Go to the helpdesk in MacKay 322 or call (208) 496-9000 for more information. You can also access the Laptop Rental Program Page.

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Adobe Connect

Why can I not login to Adobe Connect?

While there are many systems on campus that require you to enter your username and password, Adobe Connect is designed for you to log in as "Guest." Unless you have been given special permissions from your teacher or the school, you will likely never need to login as anything else.

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If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints please feel free to submit a Helpdesk Ticket.