Laptop Rental Program

Laptops will be available for rent through the university to students who can show a need for temporary use, no longer than two semesters.  This program is intended for pre-missionaries, visiting students, and students in their last semester at BYU-Idaho.

A limited number of new rental laptops will be available for $100 per semester.

Rental Flyer


Check in MCK 322 or give them a call at (208) 496-9000 for more information.

The laptop rental program is not intended for students who cannot afford the cost of owning a laptop.  The university does not have a specific program to fund laptops for students.  However, the cost of a laptop may be factored into the Cost of Attendance for financial aid purposes.  This may allow students to maximize financial aid eligibility.   Students will need to complete the FAFSA application to be considered for federal and university need-based aid.  Instructions on how to complete the application are provided on the Student Financial Aid website.

Student Financial Aid Office