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Windows 7 Wireless Setup

Windows 7 Wireless Setup

For advanced Guest setup, check out this page.(As a Visitor from other corporations use this.)

Click on the Wireless icon in the lower right-hand corner.

1. Click the wireless icon in the lower right-hand corner.

Wireless Networks Available

2. Click on "BYUI" and then click "Connect."

Network Authentication

3. For the username, enter your Net-ID.  It is the same as your login for the BYUI website. Use the Net-ID password for the password.

* Some people have to enter this information a few times.  It doesn't mean that you entered it wrong, it just wants your information a few more times.  Enter them until it takes.

The connection attempt could not be completed pop-up.

4. Click "Connect." Ignore the comment saying, "The connection attempt could not be completed." It is just not finished yet.

*Once you've clicked connect, it should work! You're finished.

If you have tried reconnecting many times and it still doesn't work, follow the advanced setup on the top of this page.