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Mac Wireless Setup

Mac Wireless Setup

Click on the wireless icon at the top of the page near the right.  Then click on BYUI.

1. Click on the wireless icon in the upper right.  Choose "BYUI" from the list.

This is the network authentication pop up.

2. Enter YOUR Net-ID.  This is the same username you use to log into BYUI's website for registering for classes or checking your account.  Use your net-id password.  Click "OK."

* Did you get a window saying "Authenticating to network 'BYUI'?" If yes, skip to Step 4.  If not, continue with Step 3.

Click again on the wireless icon.  Then turn off airport.

3.  Click on the wireless icon in the upper right.  Click on "Turn Airport Off." Wait a minute, and click the icon again and turn the airport back on.  A window that looks like the picture in Step 4 should appear.  If not, contact 208-496-9000.

Authentication to network "BYUI" pop-up.

4.  Click on the button that says "Show Certificate." Check the box "Always trust ''" Click "Continue." You should be able to get online now. If you can't, try turning your wireless off and on (See Step 3). 

*You will be prompted to enter a password after this step (some users are prompted twice-make sure you have no other windows open when you're finished).  It is your COMPUTER'S password.  If you do not have one, leave the box blank and click "OK."