Wireless Printing Instructions for Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • Easy Install Instructions
  • Alternative Install Options
  • Additional print queue options are at the bottom of the instructions.

Easy Install Instruction

Go Here

Alternate Printer SetUp



Step 1: Click the Windows start button.

Click the windows start button in the lower left-hand corner of the page.

Step 2: Type "\\abinadi.byui.edu\pharos4000" into the start menu and press enter.  MAKE SURE you use the BACK-SLASH instead of the forward slash. The back-slash key is usually just above the "Enter" key. 

Type \\abinadi.byui.edu\pharos4000 into the start menu and press enter.

Step 3: A box will appear and request credentials.  Type "BYUI\" and then your NetID.  This is the user name and password you enter on my.byui.edu.  Also click "remember credentials."

Type BYUI\ and then your Ned ID after the BYUI\.  Then type in your my.byui.edu password in the box below.  Finally, check the  

Step 4: Check the "Remember my credentials" box before clicking OK.



This shows a Net ID after the BYUI\.  It reads; BYUI\johnS.

Step 5: If that doesn't work, use the box it offers for another account and do the same thing.


Step 6: Select "Install driver."

This is the image that pops up asking if you trust the printer.  At the bottom it offers the


Step 7: Let the driver install. 

This is the Windows Printer Installation image that pops up.  It says it is looking for a driver.  Wait for it to do so.


Step 8: When this page appears, you're ready to print.

A blank page opens.  It is titled;


Step 9: Once you've brought up your document or whatever it is you desire to print, go to your printing options.  Select Pharos4000 for your printer and hit print.  Retrieve documents from the Pharos stations as normal.

This is an image of your printing options once you've selected

You are finished!

Print Queues available to Wireless users at BYU-Idaho

To use the other print queue options just replace Pharos4000 with another queue name in the instructions. Additional information is given by clicking on the Print Queue hyperlink.

Print Queue:

StudentBW All Pharos print release locations
StudentBW11x17 BW 11x17 at Austin, Clarke, Snow, and Spori buildings
StudentColor11x17 Color 11x17 at Austin and Clarke
StudentColor Color at Austin, Clarke, Manwaring 101, and McKay 1st & 3rd floors
ExpressColor Express Print and Copy
SporiColor Spori 2nd Floor next to elevator 11x17 Color
ExpressBW Express Print and Copy