Mac Wireless Printing

Before doing this tutorial Go to System Preferences, than Security & Privacy and mark Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere.

Step 1: Download the file from this link: Mac Wireless Printing

Step 2: Get the file located in the zipped folder, and place the file in a location of your choosing


Step 3: Double-click on the icon located in the folder


Step 4: A message is displayed asking you to confirm that you want to run the file.



Click “OK”


Step 5: Follow the program installation instructions





Step 6: When prompted, provide your password



The installation will complete



Step 7: Click “Close”

A window is opened asking you” Choose a printer to install”

Select Pharos 4000 and press “OK”



After some time, a window prompt will notify you of the successful installation



Step 8: It’s now time to try and print to get the rest of the program installed. Open a Word document, or something that you can print and run the print dialogue. You will notice that there is an alert icon next to the Pharos Printer.



Go ahead and “Print”


Step 9: The printer process will show up in the Dock but with an alert box next to the printer.



Open the Printer Process Icon located in the Dock

The program will prompt you to install some updates from Apple



Press Install


This may take some time



Once the download has completed, close the queued printer processes.



You computer can now use that printer from now on, and it should show up in the list of available printers.

Go ahead and try to print the file again from the program’s print dialogue.

You will be prompted to enter your BYU–I username.



Press Print


Tip: If you want to install any other printers around the school, just double click on the application you downloaded in the first few steps. It will prompt you to select which printer you want to install. Then follow the same steps you did for Pharos 4000.