Mobile Device Email Setup for Faculty/Staff/Students

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The best configuration for Faculty/Staff/Student email for mobile devices is to use the "Exchange" setting. For help configuring your devices for e-mail, you may use one of these tutorials:

For iPod or iPad instructions click here.

For Android instructions click here.

If you already have an email account set up on your Android device you can add another by following these steps:

  1. Go to you "Email" app
  2. Press the option button below your phone's screen
  3. From this menu select "Account Settings"
  4. Press the "+" symbol at the top of the screen to add a new account
  5. Once you get to this screen follow the instructions here (skipping steps 1 and 2)

If this does not work or options are not available on your phone you can also try the tutorial here.

For Microsoft's indepth guide to setting up your mobile device go here