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Mac Office @ BYUI

Mac Office 2011 Install Documentation

(Mac Office 2016 is now available.  Click here to learn more.)

1. Click 'Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

2. Click 'Add to Cart'


After this you will continue to check out and confirm your purchase. Once that's complete you will get a order summary.
COPY AND SAVE YOUR PRODUCT KEY!!!! EMAILING IT TO YOUR SELF IS ADVISEDSaving it will save you money because you only have access to it for 31 days and it won't show up on any receipt.

Click on "Start Download"Download the Secure Download Manager

You then download a file that you need to run. Click on the downloads button in the upper left corner of the window and double click on the file 'SDM.pkg' This is needed to run the file to install office.
Once you have done that you will then click on the "Download .SDX" File    From your desktop, click on the launchpad icon on the bottom of your screen.Click on the purple circle with the yellow lightning bolt labeled 'Secure Download Manager'click on the green button labeled 'Start Download' This download may take some time(if you can't find it should show up in your applications folder)

You don't have to download Microsoft Lync 2011 but you can if you want but we are not covering this in this tutorial.
When the download is finished, click 'Launch'
Double click on the folder labeled 'Office 2011...'
Double click on the file 'English_Office_2011...'
Double click on the file 'X17...'Click on Office Installer
Click continue
Click continue
Click 'Agree'
Click 'Install'
Type in your Mac username and password  and then click 'Install Software'
Click 'Close'
Click on the black folder with the green arrow that appeared on the taskbar
Choose whether you would like Microsoft Office Setup Assistant to access your contacts. For this document, we chose to allow.
Type in your information. Only your first name is required.
Choose the options that you would like. For this install, we chose yes for updates and no to join Customer Experience Improvement Program.
Click done
You will be asked to activate your Microsoft office at one point when you do you need to "Activate with product key" which you were given when your ordered office" Go to where you saved it if you didn't save you NEED TO SAVE IT SOMEWHERE. For now you can go back to your order and look at the details and still get your product key and just copy and paste it to activate your Office 2011.

Install updates by clicking 'Install' in the window that appears
click 'Continue'
click 'Continue'
click 'Agree'
click 'Install'
Input your login username and password. Click 'Install Software'
click 'Close'If there are more updates, follow the steps above until you have installed all available updates.
Finish office config
click on one of the Office products on your taskbar
click 'Continue'
Congrats! you now have Microsoft Office Mac:2011 installed!


  • What's this I hear about a new version of Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac?
  • Why do all of my Office programs load slowly?
    • Good question.  Contact us through or 208-496-1411 so that we can look at your particular setup.