LivePerson @ BYUI

BYU-Idaho uses LivePerson for live chat support.

End Users

Look for the "Live Chat" links across the site.  Departments package these links in different ways to match their particular site branding.  The following departments support folks through Live Chat:

  • Admissions
  • Advising
  • Ask BYUI
  • Email Support
  • Feedback
  • Financial Aid
  • GRA
  • Help Desk
  • Housing
  • OSC
  • Pathway
  • PET
  • REG
  • SRR
  • Student Support
  • XFR



  1. Have your department supervisor contact the Help Desk to get accounts set up.
  2. Download the LivePerson Agent Console.
    1. 1132447 is our Site Number

Tag Updates

LivePerson is requiring us to update all code on each page containing a chat link before July 31, 2015.  In order to do so, here is the procedure that the BYUI Web Design Team has built for us:

  • Add the Content Snippet in Ingeniux
    1. Open and Check Out your page in Ingeniux
    2. Click arrow to expand the Content Snippet Group Element
    3. Click Pick
    4. Type "livep" in the Name box
    5. Select LivePersonScript with ID x104651
    6. If you get a notification of a processing error, click OK
    7. Type somewhere on your page.  Usually the bottom is the best.

Tips & Tricks

  • Forward all of your messages to the BSC during certain times of day.
    1. Admin Console
    2. Rules
    3. Visitor Rules
    4. Rule Types
    5. "When visitor clicks to chat".
    6. "New Rule" button.
    7. Fill in the necessary info on the top section, such as the name, dsescription etc...
    8. Then, in the conditions, choose Visitor Properties - Skill, and choose the skill from which you want to forward.
    9. Then, add another rule under Time Functions - Day of the Week and Time of day.
    10. Make sure that above the conditions, it is set to "If *All* of the following conditions are true".
    11. Then in the actions, you want to choose Variables >> Set Visitor Skill >> Choose the skill you want.
  • Set the "Enable 'Away' status when screensaver is on" option
    1. File menu
    2. Preferences menu
    3. General tab
    4. Check the "Away Status" box

LivePerson Away