Create a Contact Group (formerly Distribution List) @ BYUI

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There are a number of pages across the BYUI site that list contacts for departments and offices.  This page specifically talks about utilizing contacts within Outlook.

Contacts: Adding | Contacts: Finding | Contacts: Sharing | Contact Groups

A Distribution List (or Contact Group) is a collection of people you want to send email to at the same time.

Be careful not to create Office 365 groups(the bottom option on the last picture), which are a space for sharing conversations, documents, and a calendar with others. Office 365 groups are publicly displayed to all BYUI users where as Contact Groups are only seen by yourself.

Creating a Contact Group in Outlook:

Creating a distribution or contact group

If you create Contact Groups on a Macintosh computer they'll only be available on the computer they were created on.  For Macintosh users who want to create groups that will synchronize with their mailbox please use OWA at


Creating a contact group in Outlook Web Access (EMAIL tab):

 owa homepage


OWA Create New

OWA Create Contact Group

For more information see

Importing a CSV file into Outlook

  1. Select File > Open and Export > Import/Export from the menu in Outlook.
  2. Make sure Import from another program or file is highlighted.
  3. Click Next >.
  4. Now make sure Comma Separated Values (Windows) is selected.
  5. Click Next >.
  6. Use the Browse ... button the select the desired file.
  7. Typically, choose Do not import duplicate items.
  8. Click Next >.
  9. Select the Outlook folder you want to import the contacts to. This will usually be your Contacts folder.
    1. If you don't want the contacts merged with your main Contacts folder it's helpful to create a subfolder prior to step 1 above.
  10. Click Next >.
  11. Click Map Custom Fields ....
    1. Make sure all columns from the CSV file are mapped to the desired Outlook address book fields.  You can create new mappings by dragging the column title to the desired field.  Any previous mapping of the same column will be replaced with the new.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Now click Finish.
Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM Call us: (208) 496-1411