Electronic Calendar Sharing @ BYUI

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Sharing your calendar with team members from OWA

  1. Open your mailbox through the EMAIL tab in https://my.byui.edu
  2. Click the App Launcher in the top-left 
  3. Click Calendar
  4. Click the name of the calendar you want to share
  5. Click "Share" in the top-right
  • To grant calendar permissions to student employees please contact emailhelpdesk@byui.edu with the name of the Employee(s) and the Student Role or call the Help Desk to create a ticket.


  1. Click "Open Calendar" in the email invitation.
  • Students should be logged in to Outlook using the department email address.


  • Availability only
    • Free/Busy Only
  • Limited details
    • Read some details.
  • Full details
    • Read all details.
  • Editor
    • Read, Create, Modify, Delete.
  • Custom
    • Additional customization options only available through Outlook.


  • Delegates can have calendar permissions as well as mailbox permissions or receive notifications for the person delegating.
  • See how to set up delegates here:  Delegates

Importing a Google Calendar

From Google Calendar Details:

  1. Private Address
  2. ICAL
  3. Copy

From Outlook:

  1. Open Calendar
  2. From Internet
  3. Paste
Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM Call us: (208) 496-1411