What to do if you get Spam.

Using Your Safe/Blocked List

With this list you can enter the email addresses of those who are allowed to enter your email address and those who are not.

  1. When you receive and open a digest message from BYUI_Junkmail_Server@byui.edu listing the quarantined spam you will see four links.
  2. Click on "Manage Safe/Blocked Senders List"
  3. You will be directed to the ProofPoint Profile Management. Here you can manage which addresses you want to allow and which ones you want to block.
  4. On the left side of the screen you have your personal setting. The Safe Senders List and the Blocked Senders List.proofpoint block safe
  5. On the top of the page you will see a toolbar. To add new address to the lists just click on New.
  6. Enter the e-mail address in the text box.
    Proofpoint spam entry

    Manage Your Junk Mail Profile

    On a regular basis, ProofPoint will send a "digest" of messages it has quarantined due to a high probability of being spam. Sometimes legitimate mail is tagged as spam and needs your help in being identified as safe. 

    If the messages listed in your digest are truly Junk Mail, simply allow two weeks to pass without doing anything. After two weeks the messages will automatically be permanently discarded. For this reason it is important to respond quickly to mail that is not junk mail, because once a message is discarded, the Email Administrator cannot retrieve it.

    As noted in the description here is a summary of your choices:

    • Release: Simply delivers to your Inbox on a one-time basis without changing any settings on the filter.
    • Safelist: Delivers to your Inbox AND changes your filter to allow all messages from that sender through in the future.
    • Not Spam: Delivers to your Inbox AND changes the filter rules to allow all messages of that type in the future.

    You may choose to save a copy of this email for a long time, because within it are various administrative links:

    • Request New End User Digest - From the digest email, you may at any time request a new digest to see if an email you have been waiting for got stuck in Quarantine
    • Request Safe/Blocked Senders List - Sends an email that allows you to view and modify your personal safe senders list.
    • Manage My Account - Allows you to access a web page to manage your Blocked and Safe Senders List, as well as other preferences specific to your email address.
    • Help - Provides additional information about the User Digest features

    Access your Junk Mail profile at any time from https://spamdigest.byui.edu:10020/ 
    (Use your regular password but with your_full@email.address as the username.)

    Once there you can manage your Safe Senders ListBlocked Senders List, or use Request Digest option to have a list of messages currently in your personal Quarantine immediately emailed to you.

    *All of these functions are provided on a web page using a non-standard server port 10020. If your home or apartment has a firewall blocking connections to port 10020, you will either need to ask them to make a firewall exception, or you will need to manage your account from another location.  Access to port 10020 is allowed from all on-campus computers.