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*NOTE* Most Brainhoney problems are handled by the Faculty Technology Center. For their tutorial list please visit the ATS website.

How do I hide or show courses in Brainhoney?

  1. Log in to Brainhoney and click on the Course Management link on the left hand side of the page.

  2. Select “Course Visibility” from the menu on the top.

  3. Locate the desired course to hide/show in the list.

  4. Select the Show/Hide button next to the desired course.

How do I add a Teaching Assistant or another Teacher to my Brainhoney Course?

  1. Log in to Brainhoney and click on the Course Management link on the left hand side of the page.

  2. Select “Manage Assistants” from the menu on the top.

  3. Select the Course from the list of courses. Note: if you don’t see the course that you need please call the help desk (x9000).

  4. Select “Add A Course Assistant To This Course”. Note: The available roles that can be given are described to the right.

  5. Search for the person by Name, first name or last name, or both.

  6. Select the role that the person will have in the course from the drop-down menu.

  7. Select “Add Person To Course” when finished.

How do I allow a student to retake an exam or quiz in Brainhoney?

  1. Log in to Brainhoney and click on the Gradebook link for the desired course.

  2. Scroll down to the student who needs their exam or quiz being reset.

  3. Scroll to the right to find the exam or quiz that needs to be reset.

  4. Click on the score for the student. This will open a new window.

  5. In the bottom right hand corner of the new window their will be a button that says "Allow Retry". Click that button. The student will now be allowed a second attempt at the exam or quiz.

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*NOTE* For more comprehensive email information and tutorials list please visit the Email website.

How do I setup my employee email on my home computer?

  • If you are using a Windows based machine, please view the Outlook Configuration Tutorials.

  • On Macintosh machines click on the application name in the menu bar and select preferences. On the preferences window select accounts and then click the plus sign in the lower left hand corner. This will ask you for your relevant email settings. Here is the information you need to know:

    • Email: Your BYU-Idaho email address
    • Username: Your BYUI username with @byui.edu at the end (Eg. username@byui.edu)
    • Server: outlook.office365.com
    • Username and Password: Your normal BYU-Idaho password
    • Domain: BYUI


My mailbox is almost full, what can I do to create more space?

Currently, Employees are limited to 500MB of space for their Email Accounts. There is no way to have this space increased. The only way to free up space on a full account is to manage your existing messages. You can do the following:

  • Check your drafts, deleted items, and RSS feeds. If there are many items in these folders you should delete them.
  • Archive old messages that you need to save. Archiving involves moving messages off of the server and on to your local computer. For instructions on Archiving, please view the Archiving Tutorials.

How do I configure my e-mail to my mobile device?

  • The best configuration for Faculty or Staff email for mobile devices is to use the "Exchange" setting. For help configuring mobile devices for e-mail, please visit the Mobile Device E-mail Tutorial.

How do I create a new email address for my department?

Requests for a new department email can be made through the Mailbox Request Form.

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How do I connect to the campus wireless?

How do I configure my personal laptop to print on the school network?

For help configuring your computer for wireless printing on the BYU-Idaho Network please visit the Wireless Printing Tutorial.

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Campus Phones

Where can I find a tutorial on how to use my Cisco campus phone?

For instructions on how to use your Cisco campus phone check out our Cisco Usage Phone Tutorial.

For advanced Cisco phone options and settings click here.

For those who have the Cisco expansion attatchment, a tutorial for the expansion attatchment can be found here . 

The screen is black. What do I do?

Check the connections on the back of the phone and to the computer or wall. If it still doesn't work, call the BYUI helpdesk at 208-496-9000.

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Adobe Connect

Where can I find a tutorial on how to use Adobe Connect?

There are a lot of tutorials on the ATS Website.

How can a student share their screen in Adobe Connect?

Have the student log in, and instruct them to do the following:

  • Click Share My Screen in the middle of the Share pod.
  • Select Meeting > Share My Computer Screen.
  • If the student does not have a supported version of the Adobe Acrobat Connect Add-in, a dialog box will ask whether you want to install it. The add-in supports screen sharing. Click Allow to download the add-in.
  • In the Start Screen Sharing dialog box, student should do one of the following:
    • Select Desktop to share the entire desktop. (If there are more than one monitor connected to the computer, a desktop will appear for each monitor. Choose the desktop to be share)
    • Select Windows to share one or more windows that are open on the computer. (Choose the windows to be share.)
    • Select Applications to share one or more applications that are running on the computer. (Choose the applications to be share.)
  • Click the Share button.


How do I set up breakout sessions?

Note: The instructor who is leading the meeting should assign the presenters to the Adobe Connect Breakout Sessions. Presenting students cannot make the change on their own.

  1. Click on “Meeting” on the top left hand corner of the screen after login into the meeting
  2. Click “Manage Access & Entry”
  3. Select ”Auto Promote Participant to Presenter ” (Make sure it is checked)

Can I reset the Adobe Connect passwords for my participants?

Do the following:

  1. First login to your account at byui.adobeconnect.com.
  2. Then click on the administration tab. This will cause a sub-menu to appear below the main menu.
  3. On the main menu select users and groups. Search for the user.
  4. Select the user and then click on the information button.
  5. Under login and password select the link to send the user a link to reset their password. It will be sent to the email listed above.

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Laptop Checkout

How long can I check out my laptop?

Generally, laptop checkouts are only for a couple weeks. However, extended checkouts are possible and existing checkouts can be extended. To extend a checkout and for other questions and concerns, please call the help desk at 208-496-9000.

What is the difference between Laptop Rentals and Laptop Checkouts?

Laptop rentals are available for between 1 and 2 semesters at a time for qualifying students. Laptop Checkouts are available to faculty and are a lot more flexible in duration of the checkout.

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If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints please feel free to submit a Helpdesk Ticket.