H R Assistant Training

Program Structure:

Day 1:

  • Orientation - Meet the office, receive appropriate access permissions
  • Intro/Welcome to HR - High level overview of job description and the overall institutional function of Human Resources (online training)
  • Learn the basics - Perform no pressure practices with lead studentResources Proactive Learning Knowledge and Understanding Accountability Application
  • No front desk

Day 2:

  • Refresher
  • Intro to phones
  • Learn the student hiring process
  • Last hour at front desk

Day 3-5:

  • First half of shift - Finish level 1 tranings
  • Second half of shift - Front desk

Day 6+:

  • During down-time (absence of immediate customer interaction), 15 minutes of daily shift allocated to continue levels 2-5
  • Level 5 is unending - 15 minutes daily can be taken to study relevant literature, take online training courses and continue to foster personal and professional development


Click appropriate level to start or continue online trainings

H R Training Levels 1 through 5