A - Z List of Trainings

Comprehensive, alphabetical list of all department training's. Includes current and upcoming training's.

BYU-Idaho Storehouse

Program for employees to contribute their time and talents for the benefit of the BYU-Idaho campus community.

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Compliance Training

Information and trainings for all employees regarding information privacy and sexual harassment laws and policies.

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Trainings that include topics that help individuals communicate more effectively and deal with life’s changes in a more balanced manner. Topics will include difficult conversations, continuous process improvement, dealing with change, and finding a balance in life.

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Customer Service Training

Trainings for all employees who function in a customer service capacity. Customer Service Training includes information about basic customer service principles, and phone and email etiquette in an office setting.

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Leadership Training

Trainings geared towards three different groups of individuals; Deans and Department Chairs, Supervisors and Managers, and all other university employees to build leadership and interpersonal skills across campus.

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Personal Development

Trainings, which are meant to develop and strengthen employees both inside and outside of work. Included in this section are topics like, “Measuring Assertiveness”, “Stress Management”, “Conflict Management”, and many more.

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Professional Training

Trainings given by trained instructor’s on-campus that will increase your knowledge and skills as an employee and individual. Includes trainings such as, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, “4 Disciplines of Execution”, “Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, and more.

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Software Training

Trainings for many different software programs used in most office settings. The programs referred to in this section are Adobe Illustrator CS6, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint 2013, SharePoint, and Qualtrics.

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