Resources for Retirees

Information and Resources for BYU-Idaho Retirees

1. Process for Retiring from BYU-Idaho

       •  Contact Zach Hoskin in the HR office.
       •  BYU-Idaho Early Retirement Policy

2. DMBA Benefits (see DMBA)

3. BYU-Idaho Campus Benefits

       •  Benefits for Retirees (benefits from BYU-Idaho)
       •  BYU-Idaho Events Calendar (events on the BYU-Idaho campus)
       •  BYU-Idaho News Center (news from BYU-Idaho)
       •  Continuing Education Department (BYU-Idaho Continuing Education classes)
       •  David O. McKay Library (McKay Library homepage)
       •  Family History Center (genealogy and family history resources)
       •  KBYI Radio (BYU-Idaho radio station)
       •  Scroll Newspaper (BYU-Idaho student-run newspaper)

4. Helpful Information for Retirement

       •  Administration on Aging (from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
       •  Social Security Administration (Social Security Administration homepage)
       • - Resources for Seniors ( is the U.S. government's official web portal)
       •  AARP ("American Association of Retired Persons" homepage)