Hiring Temporary Employees


Temporary employees who work on a regular basis can be employed for up to 14 weeks with line management approval. Longer periods of time require President's Council approval using the Employment Proposal form. Call-in employees who are used sporadically can be used on an ongoing basis with line management approval. The full policy regarding temporary employment can be found in the University Policies on the Human Resources webpages (2.2 L. Temporary Employment).  

Student employees who graduate and become ineligible for student employment may be transitioned to a temporary employment status following the standards listed above. Decisions in these situations should include consideration of the total number of hours worked by an individual; it is important that temporary employees do not exceed a maximum of 1,500 hours per year. 


When requesting processing from Human Resources for temporary employees, please provide the following information for each person by email to HRAssistant@byui.edu.  

  • Temporary employee's full name
  • Position
  • Basic contact information (phone, email, etc.)
  • Ward and bishop's information
  • Supervisor for this person
  • Hourly wage
  • Payroll account code
  • Start date
  • Expected end date, if applicable

After this information is received, sufficient time to perform an ecclesiastical endorsement is required (even for students who are transitioning). Once that is complete, you will be notified and you can then finalize a job offer (offers before this point are considered contingent only).  

At this point, have your new temporary employee come to the Human Resources office with original forms of ID to complete employment paperwork on or before the first day of work (if this paperwork is not complete, the individual cannot start working). Student employees who are transitioning to temporary status will have to review and complete additional employment forms. If there is any required job related training required (i.e. authorization to drive BYU-I vehicles, FERPA training, online training, etc.), wages must be paid for the time spent.

For assistance, contact the HR Employment Assistant at 208-496-1716.

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