Hiring International Students

When you hire an international student, this information is critical to understand.  


• • • On-Track Semesters • • •

Federal law limits international students (in F-1 visa status) from working more than 20 hours per week while on-track (taking 12 or more credits).

• • • Off-Track ("Annual Break") Semesters • • • 

Because international students are limited in their employment options off campus, due to federal law, the University permits them to work on campus during their off-track ("annual break") semester. During an international student's off-track semester, he or she may work up to 40 hours per week [in one job or a combination of jobs].


International students are required to bring their I-94 (typically included in a Passport), I-20 identification documents, and a photo ID to the Human Resources office when they are hired. These documents must be verified by Human Resources before or on the date of hire to be eligible for employment.

For assistance, contact the HR Employment Assistant at 208-496-1716.