Form I-9 Instructions

The Form I-9 is a required government document that verifies each new employees is authorized to work in the United States. It has very specific instructions to complete. The form should be handwritten. Section 1 must be completed by you; Section 2 will require assistance from an authorized representative of BYU-Idaho. When completing any part of the Form I-9, please carefully review the included instructions to avoid having to repeat the process. You will not be allowed to begin your employment until a correct form has been received by BYU-Idaho's Human Resources Office. 

Step 1: Read I-9 Instructions
Step 2: Review and print the sample I-9
Step 3: Complete Form I-9  

For full details regarding the Form I-9, you may wish to review the following information.

* Be sure to include your completed I-9 with your hiring packet submission (see Instructions for New Employees)