Instructions for New BYU-Idaho Faculty

Thank you for accepting our offer of employment. We welcome you to Brigham Young University-Idaho! The purpose of this webpage is to simplify and streamline the process from now to the start of the first semester you will be teaching. Please complete the steps in "Sequence 1 and 2" to ensure successful completion of your hire.

SEQUENCE 1:  Print, complete, and send BYU-Idaho employment paperwork (A-H) as soon as possible. (Please use a black pen and print clearly.)

For information on Moving Guidelines, please call Human Resources at (208) 496-1700.

A. Personnel Action Request

B. Federal Withholdings Form W-4 

C. Acknowledgment of Conditions of Employment

D. Employee Usage Agreement

E. Work Related Injuries and Illnesses

F. Form I-9

    1. Instructions for Filling out I-9

    2. Complete I-9 Form (Please only send the completed two page document.)

    3. I-9 Instructions

G. Conflict of Interest

    1. Disclosure Statement

    2. Plan to Manage

H. Dependent Form

 Please send completed paperwork to:

                Brigham Young University-Idaho
                525 S Center Street - Mail Stop 1670 
                Rexburg, ID 83460-1670

When the Human Resources office receives your paper work, they will notify you by email and you may then move to SEQUENCE 2.  You cannot move to SEQUENCE 2 until Human Resources has notified you of successful SEQUENCE 1 processing.

SEQUENCE 2: After you receive email correspondence from the BYU-Idaho Human Resources office, you may proceed to the next steps in sequential order.

A. You may now go to and create your username and password. You must complete this step before moving to step 2.

B. Now, you must complete the Privacy Training. For instructions on accessing the Privacy Training, please click here.

C. After completing the Privacy Training test with 100% accuracy, you must notify your department chair that you have completed this training so you can be granted access to the computer systems you will need to use. This will also allow you to access your pre-semester academic training materials.

D. Once you receive email correspondence back from your department, please contact instructional development through email at to begin your pre-semester academic training process.

E. Direct Deposit Instructions 

Please also review the following information:

A. If you experience a move, please update your address information. The link below shows simple steps on how to update your address information. (Click here)

B. Please also refer to the link below to view the Pre-Semester Academic Calendar. (This link may not be available if the calendar has not yet been finalized.)

Congratulations: After contacting Instructional Development, you have successfully completed your hiring process. Welcome to BYU-Idaho!