Higher Education Assistance

Higher Education Assistance
(For Non-Faculty Employees)

** Click here for the Higher Education Assistance Policy

Formerly called the Professional Development Program, the Higher Education Assistance Program exists to help full-time, non-faculty employees, obtain advanced degrees from accredited universities. Human Resources is responsible for managing this program. (The Academic Office is responsible for the professional development program provided to faculty.)

Application Process

       •  Application Deadline: May 31 of each year for programs taking place in the following year.
       •  Please complete the online application found in the link provided here

Reimbursement Form

       •  For those who have already been accepted into the program, click here for the
           reimbursement request form.
       •  Financial assistance available per year is limited to the IRS non-taxable amount
           (currently $5,250). This tax-free limit is defined in Publication 970, which addresses
           employer-provided educational assistance programs.

Educational Opportunities (affiliated with or commonly pursued by BYU-Idaho employees)

       •  Boise State University
       •  Idaho State University
       •  University of Idaho
       •  University of Idaho - Professional Practices Doctorate (cohort group)
           (Program Coordinator - Bryan Maughan (208.709.2777) (bryanm@uidaho.edu)
       •  Utah State University (MBA Program)
       •  Western Governors University (various programs)  

       See also:

       •  CollegeNet (http://cnsearch.collegenet.com/cgi-bin/CN/index
       •  Gradschools.com (http://www.gradschools.com/