Dear Traveler,

In an ongoing commitment to personal safety, health, and well-being when traveling on Brigham Young University - Idaho business, the Church Travel Department has secured International SOS as a source for health, personal safety, and destination information for employees that travel.

International SOS serves as your medical and security assistance company for both emergency and non-emergency situations when you are away from home. This is not insurance. Whether you need to speak to a doctor or security specialist or simply need assistance with country related information. SOS is staffed and available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"After approval from the appropriate Church department, International SOS will guarantee and prepay all costs associated with your medical care so you are not delayed in receiving treatment. These costs are then billed directly to the Church. You are responsible to fully reimburse the Church for all costs. You should contact your individual health insurance provider for reimbursement of all charges that it covers". (From home page of International SOS, on member page)

This multi-faceted program offers several components that will assure your safety, address health concerns immediately, and identify what steps need to be taken should you have a situation arise that requires action on both a medical and safety issue. These enhancements include:

Travel Locator Service (Reservations booked through BYU-Idaho Travel Office)

This feature will assist the Travel Office in better managing the location of our out-of-town travelers. Through a secured web interface, the Travel Office will be able to track the location of our international and domestic travelers who have booked their travel arrangements via the Travel Office. This software is interfaced directly with our Computer Reservation System (a.k.a. GDS system) referred to as Sabre to allow us access to International SOS's secured database to view those travelers on the road to include airline, hotel, and phone number as well as cell number information consolidated into one report and retrievable in minutes.

When an employee traveling on company business books a flight through our department, International SOS retrieves the information and allows the Travel Office to take quick steps in the event of a situation where travelers in a particular country or location need to be identified and quickly because of a developing adverse health/political/security situation. Under current Privacy Laws, this information is held in complete confidence so, you can feel comfortable that no one other than the Travel Office has access to your location.

Communications Portal (This is available to all employees worldwide regardless of your location)

Our Travel Office portal is designed to provide you with important medical, safety, and travel information. It contains country-specific information, worldwide emergency contact information and information about your SOS Membership. This portal will be accessible from the BYU-Idaho web page, or by going to

On the right hand side of the home page is "Members Login" button. Fill in the member number. The log in is case sensitive. Once you are in the home page for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you can access information concerning destinations around the world. There are country tips, answers to security questions, and medical tools. We encourage you to become familiar with the web page. Each record for travel (Passenger Name Record) will need to have email address. The travelers will be sent information about their destination if necessary.

Membership number: 11BCPA000127

You can print your membership card from that site and, we will also have available plastic membership cards for your wallet. As a safety precaution, it is essential to carry your card with you at all times so, you can provide your membership number should you have a need to contact International SOS.

Automated Travel Advisory Program (All reservations booked through the BYU-Idaho Travel Office)

This is also a very beneficial pre-trip feature. We have been looking for a source for that is consistently updated on current conditions in countries around the world. After booking your airline reservations to selective overseas destinations, you will receive a country advisory by e-mail containing information on security and medical alerts, personal and driving safety, vaccinations and diseases, food and water safety, business and cultural etiquette, public holidays, demographics and also how to contact a security specialist or a physician.

Information about the traveler and the trip that International SOS Online retrieves will not be used or otherwise transferred to any unaffiliated third parties. More specifically your email address will only be used for the purpose of sending you the advisory. Should your itinerary change and new destination(s) booked, a new email will follow hi-lighting the new international city or cities on the revised itinerary.

Based on valuable traveler feedback and ongoing enhancements to address travelers' safety, health, and desire to receive pre-trip information, this new online program is designed to provide you with important safety, medical and useful travel information prior to departing on international business trips. Most importantly, it will assist BYU-Idaho Travel Office in locating travelers during times of crisis and return you to your home base safe and secure.

Note: Just to reiterate that the Traveler Locator Service and Automated Travel Advisory Program apply only to those bookings arranged through the BYU-Idaho Travel Office. Each reservation for travel must contain the email address for traveler(s).

The Communication Portal is available to all employees on a worldwide basis.