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    Accessing I Travel

    What is the difference between a TA and I Travel?

    A TA (Travel Authorization) is the internal method whereby travel is authorized and paid for by the University. I Travel is where you go to get estimates, check availability and book your travel. I Travel is used for single destination, domestic trips with 9 or less travelers.

    Should I use I Travel to book all my business trips?

    You can book all of your business trips using I Travel. You should contact the Travel Office if you need travel advice, are booking a multi-stop domestic trip, or an international trip, or guest travel.

    How do I access I Travel?

    To Access I Travel, go to http://www.byui.edu/financial-services/travel and sign in using your BYU-I NetID and password. For further assistance with I Travel, contact the Travel Office at 208-496-2343.

    How will my travel for the University be paid for using I Travel?

    Your airfare will be directly billed to your TA. You will need to provide your TA and Department Account Number before you choose to purchase your tickets. With your car and hotel, you will pay those expenses with your BYU-I Travel Card or your personal Credit Card and then get reimbursed when you return from your travel and reconcile your TA.

    Where do I put my TA and Account Number?

    On the confirmation page before you purchase will have a tab called "Company Information," which is where you will need to enter that information.

    What if I need help navigating or booking on I Travel?

    You can access help anytime by clicking 'HELP' in the top right corner of the page and information specific to that page will be shown. Also, 2343, the Travel Office can assist you with your online booking questions.

    How do I update my User Profile?

    Update your personal information in the profile, prior to booking your first trip on I Travel. Click the 'PROFILE' tab on the left side of the 'home' screen or, in the upper right corner of the booking tool and select there the appropriate link to view/modify your user profile and/or personal information.

    Do I have to contact the BYU-Idaho Travel Office when I update my Profile online?

    No; all changes made online to your User Profile will automatically synchronize with Travel Office profile.

     New Travel Policy

     Why do I need to book on I Travel and not go through the Travel Office?

    The new Travel Policy was established to allow the Travel Office to support complicated travel occurring at BYU-Idaho and is being supported by an improved on-line booking tool along with concentrated training options to make it easy to book air, hotel and car reservations.

    Can I use other online booking tools, such as travelocity, Orbitz, ect?

    Authorization to use online booking tools need to be issued by the Travel Office. Using I Travel ensures you will have the Travel Office's support when changes or emergencies occure, as well as easier reconcilliation, use of the Church contracts now and in the future.

    When did the policy change go into effect?

    The new Travel Policy went into effect January 1, 2013 to allow the Travel Office to train everyone who will be using the I-Travel on line booking tool.

    How does the new policy affect me?

    The policy will require individuals requiring single destination domestic travel to use I Travel, the on line booking tool.

    How can I learn how to use I Travel?

    Call 496-2343 to arrange for one on one training.

    Can someone come directly to my ofice to provide training?

    Yes, send an email to Traveloffice@byui.edu and someone will contact you or call 496-2343 to make arrangements at a time convenient for you.

    Can I Travel handle mutiple travelers?

    When wanting to book Multiple Travelers in one process, all Hotel reservations as well as any car rentals will have to be booked to a single credit card, which will later be reimbursed. If separate charges and reimbursement are desired, individual bookings will need to be made.

    What if I am arranging travel for students too?

    You should continue to arrange this type of travel with the Travel Office until the process of handling multiple travelers can be clearly established including the reconciliation process.

    Can other make my arrangements?

    Individuals can designate travel arrangers to make arrangements in I Travel.

    What if Southwest Airlines shows a better rate than what is on I Travel?

    Contact the Travel Office for assistance for these bookings.

    Why doesn't Allegiant Air come up on this site?

    Allegiant Air tickets can only be booked directly on their website. Contact the Travel Office for assistance for these bookings.


    What is the Travel Arranger Desktop?

    The Travel Arranger Desktop is a new home page for travel arrangers, placing many of the important tools used daily by travel arrangers at their fingertips. The desktop is split into two tabs; the “Travel Arranger” tab, and the “Traveler” tab. Once a travel arranger selects a traveler to work with, the “Traveler” tab is where bookings are accessed or are made.

    "My Travelers" Pane
    What is the "My Travelers" tab?

    The “My Travelers” pane is found within the “Travel Arranger” tab of the new Travel Arranger Desktop. It is used to manage a list of travelers assigned to the travel arranger (up to 50). You can select a subset of travelers to become Frequent Travelers. You can start a booking for any of the travelers or yourself just by clicking on the name.

    How does the "My Travelers" pane change when I have more than 50 travelers?

    Once you exceed a total of 50 travelers assigned to you within the site, the display of the “My Travelers” pane changes. Instead of the list of your travelers automatically displaying, you’ll see a message – “You are the arranger for more than 50 travelers”. You’ll need to search for travelers by first and last name. Enter the first and/or last name of the traveler you wish to access and click “Search”. Listed travelers matching your search criteria will then be displayed. You may then click on their name to start a booking or access their profile if applicable or use the check-box to assign/unassign them to your frequent traveler pane.

    How do I add/remove travelers in the "My Travelers" pane?

    At the bottom of the profile it has "Arranger Settings" from there you can add travelers or the traveler can add you as their arranger. If their name(s) does not come up they have not signed into I Travel and filled out their profile. They will need to do this first before you can arrange travel for them.

    How do I view trips that have already been booked for someone on the "My Travelers" pane?

    In the "My Travelers" section, the window on the right side gives you the option to view all the upcoming trips in a list or a calendar view.  Othewise you can also go into an individual's personal tab and view all their trips under the trip tab on the left of the home screen.

    "Frequent Travelers" Pane
    What is the "Frequent Travelers" pane?

    The “Frequent Travelers” pane allows travel arrangers to quickly access information for up to 10 of their travelers. The pane is divided into three tabs – “Frequent Travelers”, “Trips – List View” and “Trips – Calendar View”.

    How many travelers can be listed on the "Frequent Travelers" pane?

    You can assign frequent traveler status to up to 10 of your assigned travelers.

    How do I add/remove a traveler in the "Frequent Travelers" Pane?

    To add or remove a frequent traveler, just check or uncheck the appropriate box located next to the traveler’s name on the “My Travelers” pane. To un-assign a frequent traveler, you may also click the appropriate “X” at the far right of the “Frequent Travelers” tab.

    What is the "Frequent Travelers" tab?

    The “Frequent Travelers” tab (within the “Frequent Travelers” pane) lists each of the travelers checked in the “My Travelers” pane – up to 10. Travel arrangers can use this tab to quickly select a traveler to book for; view important traveler profile alert messages, and update the related profile areas or send an email using their desktop email program.

    How do I send an e-mail using the "Frequent Travelers" tab?

    Simply click on the email address for the appropriate traveler and your email program’s composition window will open with their email address pre-populated.

    What does the icon on the "Frequent Travelers" tab refer to?

    The icon means "Click to remove this traveler from the "Frequent Travelers" pane.

    Which trips are displayed on the "Trips - List View" and "Trips - Calendar" tabs?

    Both the list and calendar views will display trips up to 14 days into the future for the travelers listed on the “Frequent Travelers” tab. Any trip that starts, ends, or overlaps that 14 day period will appear in both the calendar and the list views for the selected travelers. Click on the trip to view, modify or cancel it as applicable. Canceled trips, trips that have already taken place or trips further into the future will not display. Click on “Trips” in the navigation bar to view all trips for any listed traveler.

    How current is the information on the two "Trips" tabs?

    The two “Trips” tabs include the status of each trip based on the last changes made to that trip online. If cancellations or modifications have taken place off-line, they would not be reflected in the “Active Trips” area until the trip details were viewed by clicking on that trip.

    What is the difference between the two "Trips" views - Calendar and List?

    There is no difference in the trips presented. All the trips showing in the calendar view and list view are the same. The information is simply presented differently with each view.

    Profile Access
    How do I access the profile for any of my travelers?

    To access your traveler’s profile, you must access your profile, scroll down to the “Manage my Travelers” area, and click “Edit profile” next to your designated traveler. If the traveler has restricted profile updates by their travel arranger, you will not be able to update their profile, until/unless they give you access.

    Making Reservations
    How do I start a booking for myself if I'm a travel arranger?

    When you first access the site, your name will appear on the “Traveler” tab at the top left-hand side of the home page to the right of the “Travel Arranger” tab. Click on your name and you’ll be able to start a booking for yourself. Alternatively, your name will appear on the “Travel Arranger” tab as well – you may click on it there to start a booking on your “Traveler” tab too.

    How do I start a booking for someone on the "My Travelers" or "Frequent Travelers" pane?

    Click the name of a traveler anywhere. The name on the “Traveler” tab will change from your name to your selected traveler’s name. Once their “Traveler” tab is displayed, you can begin a booking for that traveler.

    How many "Traveler" tabs can I have opened and work with at the same time?

    Only one "Traveler" tab can be open at a time.

    Why can I only have one "Traveler" tab open at a time?

    Based on usability testing, it was determined that travel arrangers found it easier to access and work on one “Traveler” tab at a time.

    Can I book for multiple travelers?

    Yes, Please review the Multiple Travelers FAQ?


    When is my I Travel booking actually ticketed?

    After you book travel online, the Travel Office reviews the booking and issues the ticket.

    How do I know the Travel Office has received my online booking?

    Your “Reservation Complete” message page and an email confirmation will indicate that your booking has been made. In the confirmation message, you will find an alpha-numeric “Record Locator” number. Refer to this record locator in any follow-up discussions with the Travel Office.

    Are the fares and rates shown online guaranteed?

    While your airfare is not guaranteed until the ticket is issued, the rates you see on I Travel are the same rates that the BYU-Idaho Travel Office will book for you. However, no fare is guaranteed until it’s actually ticketed. (This is due to the fact that airline rates change constantly, and once seats are sold out within a price segment, they are no longer available for purchase. This also explains why you might book within five minutes of a co-worker, for the same flight, and receive a different price than they did).

    If the Travel Office books a trip for me, will I be able to see it online in I Travel?

    You will be able to view all active, past and canceled bookings within the “Trips” section in I Travel. You are able to see trips made both online and offline.

    How do I cancel or change an online booking?

    If you need to make changes after you purchase your reservation, please contact the Travel Office at 496-2340.

    How do I initiate a refund for tickets booked online?

    When possible, it is important that you cancel airline reservations prior to the departure date and time. You will receive a credit towards a future trip on that airline. Please contact the Travel Office at 496-2340 to cancel your reservation.

    How do I access airplane seat maps to choose my seats?

    Once your flight choices have been made, you will automatically be taken to the “Seat Selection” screen for all the flights that are part of your itinerary. The seat selection page will have seat instructions and legends regarding the types of seats that are available. Premium seats are only available for qualified travelers (usually tier-level frequent travelers on that specific airline.) Some airlines (such as Southwest Airlines) don’t allow advanced seat assignments, and therefore, I Travel will skip this process.

    Will I-Travel automatically upgrade me based on their Frequent Flyer status?

    You should contact the airlines directly - via telephone or website once you’ve booked your flights on I Travel - in order to process any personal upgrades where frequent flyer mileage / points will be used.

    How do I easily find a hotel at my destination?

    Searching hotels is easy on I Travel. You can search by address, zip/postal codes, downtown or airport locations, or preferred hotel properties. It’s possible that the hotel you want may be sold out. If so, you can either choose another hotel or enter your preferred hotel under “Notes and Special Requests” on the “Review Itinerary” page. The Travel Office will then check room availability directly with the hotel and let you know your status.

    Where do I find the hotel confirmation number?

    Upon completion of an online hotel booking, most hotels will provide a confirmation number that will appear on the “Reservation Complete” page, and in the itinerary. If the hotel does not provide a confirmation number, then the Travel Office will confirm the reservation with the hotel directly, and follow up with you.

    How do I add a hotel or rental car to an online reservation?

    It’s best to book your air, hotel, and rental car before you confirm and purchase your newly booked itinerary. However, you can always add a hotel or car to your trip by accessing the trip itinerary under the “Trips” section on the landing page, selecting the trip you wish to amend, and scrolling to the “Add to Your Trip” section. Make sure to update the old reservation and not make a new one. Additionally, you may contact the Travel Office to make any changes or additions.

    Can I rent a car from the University using I Travel?

    No, you will still need to work through Fleet Services to reserve a University car. 

    How do I access and display a booking that I have already made online in I Travel?

    Click on “Trips”. It lists all your previous reservations booked online, including past, present and canceled trips.

    I frequently travel to the same destination, stay in the same hotel, and rent the same car. Is there an easy way to book this trip?

    Yes, you can create a trip template from any current or previous booking. Once completed, you can access your template under the “Trip Templates” section. Simply enter your new dates of travel and then confirm the final itinerary.

    What if I travel into one city and return from another city? Can I book this online using I Travel?

    Yes, simply select “Multi-destination” under “Select Trip Details” on the “Begin Search” page, then build your itinerary to and from the various cities required.

    Can I book leisure travel on I Travel?

    Not at this time. I-Travel is currently only set up for business travel.

    Hold Trips

    What is an "On Hold" trip?

    Placing trips on hold gives you the ability to make a reservation on I Travel and place the reservation on hold for a determined amount of time – thereby allowing you time to finalize your travel plans, prior to deciding whether to purchase the ticket. Only place a reservation on hold if you are likely to purchase the ticket within 24 hours as this incurs a cost for the University.

    What is that "determined length of time"?

    I Travel will automatically calculate the amount of time you are allowed to hold the itinerary using a few different criteria:

    • Airline Ticket Time Limit - The amount of time an airline allows you to hold your reservation until ticketing is required. Typically, for non-refundable airfares, this limit is 24 hours, or until midnight the day after you book your ticket. However, a stricter rule may be enforced if you are within 24 hours of the fare's advance purchase requirement.
    How am I notified of a trip's "On Hold" status?

    During the booking process, when you click on “On Hold” trip, the system will tell you how long the trip can be placed on hold using the “determined length of time” criteria listed above. You will receive a “reservation on hold” email at time of placing the reservation on hold. You will receive an email 16 hours prior to the scheduled time limit advising you to take action on your reservation or that it will auto-cancel in 16 Hours.

    Once the reservation is on hold, how do I take it off hold?

    Once you place a reservation on hold, you can view and action the reservation in the TRIPS section of I Travel, under the ACTIVE tab. To take a trip off hold, simply select the appropriate trip on hold, then click on the “purchase” button - OR - cancel the itinerary if the trip is no longer required.

    What happens when I click the purchase button?

    When you click “Purchase,” I Travel will re-price the itinerary. Depending on availability, it may price higher or lower than when it was placed on hold. (Airfares are not guaranteed until ticketed.) If the new fare is unsatisfactory, you may cancel the trip and start a new search.

    How many trips can I hold at one time?

    You may hold up to 5 trips at once in I Travel. However, airlines may recognize that you’re holding trips to the same destination, and they may, in turn, auto-cancel some - or all - of your itineraries. Please do not hold multiple itineraries for the same trip. The University will be charged for each trip that you place on hold.

    What happens if I fail to take action on the reservation prior to the ticketing required time limit?

    I Travel will automatically cancel the trip/reservation.

    Why does my held trip no longer show as held, and yet I've not actioned it for ticketing/purchase?

    After a reservation is placed on hold, the airline or travel agency may occasionally action that reservation. Following this activity, the reservation my no longer register as "On Hold," instead showing an "Active" status - this is due to I-Travel programming logic. In this situation, eTravelPlanner will neither auto-cancel the reservation nor ticket it. You should contact the agency for assistance when this happens.

    Why can't I place my reservation on hold?

    Some airlines and some fare types require you to purchase your ticket instantly. You will not be able to place a reservation on hold if:

    • Your fare requires instant purchase,
    • You are within the ticketing window requirement of the airline or ticket type.
     Why does my ticket still show "On Hold" after I call the travel agency and they ticket the reservation?

    eTravelPlanner defaults to the previous trip status. Once you select the “On Hold” trip, I Travel will update the status of the trip, and place it in the correct category the next time you wish to view the trip. Note: Whenever possible, purchase your held trip via I Travel, not by phoning the travel office.

    After viewing a Held Trip, the trip now appears in the Active Trips. I did not make changes. What happened?

    If on the TRIPS page, a held trip no longer appears in the Hold Trips area, but in the Active trips area, it is because a change was made offline, and I Travel is no longer able to confirm the status of the trip. Please contact the travel agency to confirm ticketing.

    Support & Assistance

    Who do I contact with travel-related questions, changes or cancellations?

    Contact the Travel Office at 208-496-2343 or 2340.

    Who do I contact to provide feedback about I Travel?

    Contact the Travel Office at 208-496-2340 or click here to leave e-mail feedback, or contact Darin Lee at 208-496-2311 or leed@byui.edu.

    What documentation will get me through most security checkpoints?

    For domestic (US only), you will need a government-issued photo ID (such as a current state-issued driver’s license or U.S. Passport) and a boarding pass. You can obtain a boarding pass by checking in on the airline’s website within 24 hours of your published flight time, or at the airport from a kiosk or airline agent. International travel always requires a valid passport and often a visa issued by the country to be visited. The name on your airline ticket must exactly match the name on your government issued ID. This includes any initials or full middle names listed on your ID.

    Trip Templates

    What is a "Trip Template"?

    A trip template is a snapshot of information about a trip that you have either researched or at one time booked, that you can use again to create an itinerary using the same itinerary aspects.

    When would I use a "Trip Template"?

    There are several reasons you would want to use the trip template functionality; here are a few:

    • If you are researching a trip, but aren’t ready to place the itinerary on hold or to purchase the itinerary, you can create a “Trip Template” so that I Travel saves the itinerary criteria and knows to search for that criteria when you are ready to book.
    • If you often fly the same itinerary, you can make the booking once, and then save that as a template to re-book the itinerary for new dates in the future.
    • If you are booking for multiple travelers, you can make the reservation once, save it as a template, and use the template for the other travelers’ itineraries.
    How do I create a "Trip Template"?

    There are two ways to create a template. You can do so either while researching an itinerary or once an itinerary has been booked:

    • Once you have booked at least one flight segment, car, or hotel, you can save the itinerary as a trip template. You will notice on the “Review and Modify Trip” page, the TRIP TEMPLATES box located in the upper right hand side of the screen. You simply need to name the itinerary from this point and click “save”. This itinerary data will be added to your list of trip templates with the name you have given it.
    • If you have already created an itinerary, click “TRIPS” in the upper right banner bar, and then select the trip you would like to create a template for. Again, in the upper right corner of the screen will be a box marked “TRIP TEMPLATES”. Simply name the template, and click save.
    How do I access my trip templates?

    You can access your trip templates from either the “Begin Search Page” or, from the TEMPLATES tab located along the top right banner bar.

    What happens when I open a template?

    Once the template is opened, you can scroll through the template to review the itinerary aspects that has been saved in that template which may include Flights, Hotel, Car and Rail. Scroll through the template, and at the bottom of the template is where you select the dates you would like to book this itinerary for, using this template.

    What happens after I enter my dates and click "continue"?

    A trip template is not live inventory, but simply a snapshot of researched or previously booked trip data. When you click “continue”, I Travel tries to confirm the itinerary components based on these dates, and provides the pricing applicable for this itinerary.

    What happens if a flight, hotel or car is not available for these dates?

    I Travel will alert you if it encounters and inventory limitation, and will provide you guidance on how to proceed.

    Why does the price of this itinerary not match the price originally quoted?

    Prices are directly reflected based on the amount of inventory the vendor has at the time you book. It is very possible that the price could be higher or lower than previously quoted based on numerous factors. Prices are never guaranteed until ticketed.

    What if my trip template shows a car, but for this trip, I don't need one?

    Follow the instructions above to book the trip, and once you reach the “Review and Modify Trip” page, you can choose to delete any aspect of the trip that is not needed for this particular departure. So, if you normally rent a car, but on this occasion, do not need one, select the “delete this segment” link next to the car segment to have it removed from the itinerary.

    Can someone else use my trip templates?

    Absolutely! If you create your booking, and would like your colleague to book the same itinerary, you can send them the name of your template. They then can click the TEMPLATES link, and click the “Acquire Template” button at the bottom of the page. They will input your name, and then view all of your available templates. Be sure you have provided them the name of the template you wish for them to utilize.


    What is Redress?

    Redress is an opportunity for passengers who believe they have been improperly or unfairly delayed or prohibited from boarding an aircraft to seek resolution and avoid future delays. The affected passengers often have the same or a similar name to someone on the watch list. The DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (TRIP) provides a one-stop shop for passengers seeking redress. Secure Flight uses the results of the redress process in its watch list matching process to help prevent future delays for misidentified passengers. For more information on the redress process, visit www.dhs.gov/trip.

    How does Secure Flight use the Redress Number?

    Secure Flight uses the results of the redress process in its watch list matching process, thus helping to prevent future misidentifications for passengers who may have a name that's similar to an individual name on the watch list.

    How do I use the Redress Number?

    After receiving the Redress Number, passengers should add it to their profile. By doing so, passengers can avoid inconveniences or delays that may result from mistaken identity.

    Am I restricted to use the LDS/BYU rate on a hotel if there is a cheaper rate?

    NO. they will not always be the lowest rate due to specials and other contracts established with the hotels such as for conferences. We encourage you to find the best value to the University.

    If I am looking at a hotel and it does not show an LDS/BYU I rate, may I still book the hotel?

    YES. The Church and BYU Universities do have special negotiated rates with the Marriott properties (Marriott, Courtyard, Residence Inn, Springhill Suites, Town Place Suites and Fairfield Inn) Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, Best Western, La Quinta and occasionally a few other hotels such as Radisson. However, this does not mean that every hotel under these brands has the LDS/BYU rate available. Also the rate can sell out. So if you see a hotel that works best for your travel and it does not have the LDS/BYU you can book it.

    Do I need to reset my password after I log in?

    No, you will just use your BYU-Idaho username and password.