October 22, 2013
Writer: LaVona Borg

Travel Status Update


The on-line travel booking tool called I Travel has now been available since October 2012.  Hopefully this tool is making it easier for you to arrange travel for single destination, domestic trips.  Thanks for your efforts to learn this new tool. Utilization of I Travel allows the Travel Office personnel to support the increased number of travelers on campus and trips related to internships, interviewees, guests, meetings, groups and international travel.

Since I Travel is still new to some users, we will continue to offer help and support. Contact our I Travel Specialist at ext. 2343 or Traveloffice@byui.edu who will be happy to assist you over the phone or come to your office to provide one-on-one training.

If questions arise or you want to provide feedback, feel free to contact us at ext. 2343. We are always looking for ways to improve the service we provide to you. Additionally, when using I Travel, always have a TA number ready before you attempt to make the final purchase for a trip. Without it, or even with a temporary TA number, you will not be able to finalize the whole process including reconciliation.

Also, placing trips on hold in I Travel gives you the ability to place a reservation on hold for 24 hours, allowing you time to finalize your travel plans, prior to purchasing the ticket. Only place a reservation on hold if you are likely to purchase the ticket within 24 hours since this incurs a cost for the University.  

With best regards,  

Purchasing & Travel Department
Brigham Young University Idaho