Purchase Card

Image of the BYU-Idaho Purchasing Card

The BYU-Idaho MasterCard® Purchasing Card gives the cardholder advanced authority for official University purchases. All full-time and part-time (non-student) employees are eligible to apply for a card as deemed necessary by their supervisor. Department Purchasing Cards are also available where supervisors see fit; however, there are several policies in place that must be followed.

Purchasing Card Policies
Group Travel Card Policies

University Card Applications

Purchase Card — Individual
Used for non-travel related purchases by cardholder only.
Purchase Card — Department
Issued to steward but card can be used by authorized individuals (including students).
Fuel Card
Used fuel purchases by areas with assigned vehicles. – Typically managed through Fleet Services.
Group Travel Card
Used for larger group travel where access to cash is needed. – Paid directly by the University.
Travel & Entertainment Card
Used for individual travel or smaller group travel where cash is not needed – Cardholder responsibility to pay balance in full each month.
Purchasing, Travel, Group Travel Cards – When, Where, and How
Help determine which card is right for you.