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Russell Gaede

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Psy.D, Clinical Psychology
Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach

Classes Taught

  • Achieving More by Overcoming Adversity
      Thu 5:00 PM
    • Do you want to be more productive? Earn better grades? Learn how to overcome adversity and obstacles? The formula for success will help you. You will learn how to take three seemingly simple principles and make them part of your daily life to achieve the success you desire and change your life forever.

  • Creating and Nurturing a Healthy, Happy, Eternal Marriage
      Thu 6:20 PM
    • The principle of looking toward the positive as you create a healthy, happy, eternal marriage. We will discuss various questions that you can ask prior to and during marriage to better understand your spouse and improve your relationship.

  • Resolving Conflict in Your Marriage and Family
      Fri 5:00 PM
    • The importance of resolving conflict in a positive manner. We will discuss and learn specific techniques to use when faced with conflict in your marriage and family. We will discuss how positive communication helps keep you focused on the issues that need to be resolved.

  • Building a Positive Relationship With Your Grandchildren
      Sat 11:40 AM
    • The importance of building and maintaining a positive relationship with your grandchildren. We will discuss tips and techniques to stay in touch with your grandchildren and how to be a positive influence in their life.