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Robert Wahlquist

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Faculty member of the Department of Religious Education at BYU-Idaho

Classes Taught

  • LDS Know More About the Atonement Than Other Christians Because of the Teachings of the Book of Mormon
      Thu 10:20 AM , Thu 11:40 AM
    • The Book of Mormon teaches us to have a greater understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. With a greater understanding of the Atonement, we can find more power, more peace, and more strength through the atonement of Christ in our own lives.  The Book of Mormon contains the greatest and clearest teachings on the both aspects of the atonement: The Redeeming Power of the Atonement to save us from our sins; AND the Strengthening Power of the Atonement to enable us to overcome all other tests, trials, and difficulties of life. It has been said, "You can't apply what you don't understand." I will try to help us understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ a little better as taught from the Book of Mormon, so that we can apply it in our lives more effectively... and daily! Reading Prep: 2 Nephi 9; Mosiah 3; Alma 34

  • "A Person Can Only 'Cut the Thread That [Binds] Them to the Prophet and to God, and Sink Themselves to Hell" - Brigham Young
      Fri 10:20 AM , Fri 11:40 AM
    • Many things are happening in the world and in the church that test our faith.  A firm conviction that prophets speak for God is essential to maintain one's faith.  During the days of the Kirtland apostasy, Brigham Young said: "Joseph was a Prophet, and I knew it, and that they might rail and slander him as much as they pleased; they could not destroy the appointment of the Prophet of God, they could only destroy their own authority, cut the thread that bound them to the Prophet and to God, and sink themselves to hell" B. Young, Feb. 1937, Kirtland, Teaching of the Presidents of the Church Brigham Young pages 5 and again on page 79. We will look at what the scriptures teach about prophets speaking for God. We will answer the question about how important is it that we believe and follow God's prophets.  We look at exactly what the Savior taught about false prophets, where they come from and how to detect them. Reading Prep: D&C 112; D&C 90; D&C 21, Matthew 24