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Angelle Anderson

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B.A., BYU, Homemaker
Certificate Family History BYU-I

Classes Taught

  • The Hearts of the Children 1. Knitting Hearts Together
      Thu 10:20 AM
    • Sharing ideas and inspiration for teaching, learning, and living the gospel in our homes, organizing our families to work together as a team, and increasing love and unity. Discuss ideas to incorporate youth and primary themes into family gospel study, routines, and wholesome recreational activities. Flexible, enriching, and effective ways to capitalize on the myriad of church resources, counsel, and information available for families. Examine ward structure as an example for family organization, individual stewardships, family councils and parent-child interviews.

  • The Hearts of the Children 2. Putting Your Heart Into Turning Hearts
      Fri 10:20 AM
    • Focus on ways to increase ability, motivation, and success in doing family history and temple work as a family. Ideas for doing research, and for accomplishing fun family history projects, games, and activities. How to use FamilySearch and related resources to do research and to strengthen family bonds. How to document the past, how to create lasting links to those who have passed on, and ways to write, record, and present family stories and histories. President Packer's quote will be a central theme:Family history work in one sense would justify itself even if one were not successful in clearing names for temple work. The process of searching, the means of going after those names, would be worth all the effort you could invest. The reason: You cannot find names without knowing that they represent people. You begin to find out things about people. When we research our own lines we become interested in more than just names or the number of names going through the temple. Our interest turns our hearts to our fathers-we seek to find them and to know them and to serve them. (Boyd K. Packer, "Your Family History: Getting Started," Ensign, Aug 2003, 12-17)

  • The Hearts of the Children 3. Planting Promises in Their Hearts
      Sat 10:20 AM
    • Helping family members of all ages become interested in (and excited about) gathering information about their ancestors, finding their records, and taking their names to the temple. Discuss how the spirit of Elijah can influence us to do this, rewarding, and important family history work to help fulfill D&C 2: "And He shall plant in the hearts of the children the promises made to the fathers, and the hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers." Temples and the eternal sealings of families, the help available for doing family history and temple work, and the promises to families who put their hearts into this work as described by Elder Widtsoe: "Those who give themselves with all their might and main to this work [family history] receive help from the other side, and not merely in gathering genealogies. Whosoever seeks to help those on the other side receives help in return in all the affairs of life." (John A. Widtsoe, Ensign, Feb 1988)