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Class Information

Below are the date, time, location, and outline for this class.

You Can Get Used to Anything

Taught by Richard Woodland


Day Time Location
Friday, August 2 1 p.m. Taylor Chapel
Richard Woodland

Richard Woodland


Richard S. Woodland was born in Caldwell, Idaho in 1944. He grew up on farms and ranches and has made his living in a variety of vocations. He worked as an underground miner in Nevada and Utah. While working in the mines he was invited to work with the College of Eastern Utah in developing curriculum for their various programs. He was then invited to become an instructor at the college where he developed a lifesaving technique for rescuing downed and trapped miners. Richard was invited to present papers on his technique at The International Symposium for Mine Safety, which was held in Washington D.C. While there he was an honored guest at the State Department.

Richard moved to Rexburg, Idaho in 1985 when his lovely wife, Lori Echevarria Woodland, was invited to work for Ricks College as the head basketball coach. She also served as a religion instructor and helped develop the activities program, as it exists today. She is also the author of “Beloved Emma”.

Richard has held various positions in the LDS church. He has been a scout master many times. He has served on three stake high councils, served in bishoprics and as a bishop on campus. He has owned and operated a number of businesses and currently serves as the Mayor of Rexburg. He speaks often to youth groups and firesides.

Class Outline

This lecture is based on the doctrines found in chapter 28 of 2 Nephi. The lecture is a step-by-step study of gospel principles found therein. It is designed to help the participant gain knowledge of the workings of the Savior and the adversary. The lecture will help the participants in their own lives, and be of help in strengthening youth of the Church and their own families.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Introduction with display of visual aids (various traps from very small to very large), and a description of the "natural man" as an enemy of God.
  2. All of nature, including mankind, is subject to becoming ensnared in traps.
  3. What are the traps that befall mankind?  Discussion, who is the founder of these traps?
  4. How are we led to these traps?
  5. How does the Savior teach us?
  6. How does Satan teach us?
  7. How do we remove ourselves from these traps? Traps will be tripped as part of the visual presentation and a discussion will begin.
  8. You can get used to anything. Instructor will conclude with his testimony of this concept and will help the participants to understand that we can be released from the snares and traps of this world.